What To Do When Your Vehicle Breaks Down On The Highway

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You're driving on the highway in a deserted area. Suddenly, warning lights come on, smoke bellows from under the hood and your engine seizes up, or maybe you blow-out a tire. What a pain – your car is breaking down. Here are four easy steps to follow if your car breaks down on the highway.

Attempt to Slow Down Your Vehicle

If you believe your car is breaking down due to visible problems with the car or warning lights, you should immediately begin to decrease your speed but avoid slamming on the brakes. During a breakdown, drivers often panic and slam their brakes which can be a dangerous situation for all drivers on the road. When you slam on the brakes drivers behind you may not have a chance to stop and you also lose the ability to safely maneuver your vehicle.

Use Your Hazard Lights And Turn Signals

Emergency hazard signals come standard on all vehicles. As soon as you realize that you're having car problems, turn on your hazards so that other drivers on the road know you are having trouble and need to pull-over. This is especially true when you are driving in poor weather conditions or at nighttime when visibility is decreased.

Steer your car to the shoulder of the highway, or if there is no shoulder, as far out of the lanes of traffic as possible. Even when you are safely stopped on the shoulder of the highway, keep you hazard lights on. Your hazard lights should work even if your keys are out of the car's ignition.

Make Sure That Other Drivers Can See You

After you have safely stopped out of the roadway, you have to make sure that other drivers can see you and your vehicle. Check your car for a roadside emergency kit which may contain triangular reflectors or small emergency flares that you can place on the ground surrounding your vehicle. If you don't have an emergency kit you should tie a white cloth or fabric to the antennae or visible part of your car and pop the hood.

If you need to get out of your vehicle once it is stopped, always ensure that you can open your door safely and that there is no oncoming traffic. If at all possible, wear reflective or bright colored clothing so that other drivers can see you.

Try To Call Or Signal Help

Before making the decision to exit your vehicle or try to go get help, attempt calling for help using a cell phone or roadside assistance service (like On-Star).

If you can keep your composure and follow these easy steps during a breakdown, you can ensure that you do not make an already unfortunate and potentially dangerous situation worse or more dangerous.

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