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Bicycles are fun to ride and provide people with excellent healthy exercise. Some residents of the Wheat Ridge, CO, area use them for local transportation, saving money on fuel and reducing emissions. Most bicyclists in the area are able to enjoy their time riding without any problems, but bicycle accidents do happen. Any time a bicyclist is hit by a car, they are likely to suffer extreme and potentially life-threatening injuries.

Experienced Legal Counsel for Bicycle Accident Claims in Wheat Ridge

If you or a loved one is recovering in the aftermath of a bicycle accident that someone else caused, you should not face the burden of your economic damages and the pain they have inflicted. However, state law dictates that they are responsible for all of your losses, and you have the right to seek accountability with a civil suit. A Wheat Ridge bike accident attorney will be the ideal asset to have on your side when you must pursue legal recourse after a damaging accident, and the team at the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal is ready to fulfill this role for you in your recovery efforts.

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Why You Need Legal Counsel for a Bicycle Accident Claim

Any bicycle accident in Wheat Ridge, CO can be a life-changing experience for the victim and their family, and it’s natural for the victim to face a great deal of uncertainty when it comes to resolving their initial damages, facing the long-term effects of the accident, and determining whether they can resume a relatively normal life after initial recovery. In addition, some bicycle accidents face lifelong medical complications and disabilities from severe injuries, and those injuries are often very expensive to treat.

A bicycle accident’s economic effects can quickly compound into a desperate financial situation for the victim. Medical bills and inability to earn income can make it impossible for them to manage household expenses, and the incident itself was likely painful and traumatizing, and these effects can interfere with their life in many ways. When you choose the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal to represent you, you will have a fierce legal advocate who will guide you through your case proceedings as efficiently as possible, answer all your questions as they arise, and navigate you to the best possible outcome.

Our firm has successfully handled many personal injury claims in Wheat Ridge and the surrounding communities, and we are ready to offer individualized legal counsel through every stage of your recovery efforts after a bike accident someone else caused.

How to Prove Responsibility for a Bicycle Accident

Most bicycle accidents in the state are the effects of “negligence,” which is a legal term used to describe a failure to uphold a duty of care. For example, if you were hit while riding your bike because a driver sped through a red light, they breached their duty of care to abide by the traffic signs and signals. Distracted driving, moving violations, speeding, and mechanical failures can all lead to negligence claims. It is also possible for intentional misconduct to result in a devastating bicycle accident, such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Regardless of how your accident occurred, the team at the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal has the experience and professional resources necessary to help you firmly prove liability, establish the range of economic damages the defendant caused, and make a compelling case to maximize the pain and suffering compensation you secure. Additionally, if the defendant caused the accident through illegal misconduct, such as intoxicated or reckless driving, they could face criminal charges from the state.

Compensation for a Bike Accident in Wheat Ridge, CO

Colorado law enables the plaintiff in a personal injury case to recover full repayment of all the economic damages the defendant caused and fair compensation for their non-economic damages up to the limit imposed by state law. There is no cap on economic damages in a personal injury case, so the plaintiff can reasonably expect to obtain full repayment of their medical expenses, lost income, and property damage caused by the defendant. Non-economic damages are more difficult to assess, and this aspect of the client’s recovery pertains to the pain and suffering they endured.

Your Wheat Ridge bicycle accident attorney can help you recover up to $250,000 in pain and suffering compensation, but this cap increases to $500,000 when you can produce clear and convincing evidence of the defendant’s fault. Other variables, such as the defendant’s illegal misconduct or intent to do harm, may also influence your final case award. Ultimately, the best way to enhance your recovery to the fullest extent possible is by securing the legal counsel of a Wheat Ridge bicycle accident attorney with substantial professional experience handling cases like yours.

Wheat Ridge Bicycle Accident Attorney Free Consultation

When you choose the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal to represent your bicycle accident claim, our goals are limiting uncertainty, ensuring expediency in your proceedings, and maximizing your case award. We can help you face the unique legal obstacles your case presents and guide you through the full scope of procedures necessary for ensuring the defendant is held liable for your damages. You have a limited time in which to file your claim, so it is best to reach out to legal counsel you can trust as soon as possible after you address your immediate medical concerns after the accident.

Colorado Bicycle Accident FAQs

Q: Who Is at Fault When a Cyclist Gets “Doored?”

A: “Dooring” occurs when a driver parked alongside the road opens their car door directly in the path of an oncoming cyclist. The cyclist may not have time to stop, and they could either slam into the open door or swerve reflexively into traffic. Drivers have a duty of care to use caution if they must open their driver’s side door into the bike lane, but bicyclists also have a duty of care to use care when passing parked vehicles. The driver would likely absorb most of the fault for this incident, but it is possible for the cyclist to share liability depending on the exact details of the collision.

Q: What Is My Bicycle Accident Case Worth in Wheat Ridge?

A: The potential value of any personal injury case in Wheat Ridge depends on the severity of the victim’s losses. As a personal injury plaintiff, you can recover the full amount of economic losses resulting from the incident, and this includes projected long-term or future damages. Additionally, you can recover pain and suffering compensation. For the best chance of maximizing your case award, it’s essential to find an attorney you can trust as soon as your injuries from the accident are stable and you are able to reach out to an attorney.

Q: What Happens If a Bicycle Accident Injury Is Fatal?

A: Unfortunately, there is a high risk of death when a bicyclist is hit by a motor vehicle, especially at high speed. If you recently lost a loved one in a fatal bicycle accident and another driver is responsible, you would have the right to pursue a wrongful death claim in lieu of a personal injury suit. The state enforces strict rules pertaining to wrongful death actions, and while these cases are similar to personal injury cases in some ways, they are very different in others. It’s vital to have an attorney experienced in handling wrongful death cases to succeed with this difficult civil case.

Q: How Does Comparative Fault Work in the State?

A: If a plaintiff is found partially responsible for causing their damages, they can still recover compensation under the state’s modified comparative negligence law. However, the plaintiff loses part of their award equal to their percentage of fault in causing the incident. The modified comparative negligence threshold is 50% in the state, so if a plaintiff bears more than 50% fault, they lose the right to recover compensation. Your Wheat Ridge bicycle accident attorney can advise you as to how any partial fault you bear may influence your case.

Q: What Difference Can an Attorney Make in a Personal Injury Case?

A: It is technically possible to file a personal injury claim without a lawyer, but you face several significant risks if you attempt this. Managing your medical needs and legal affairs all at once with no formal experience in personal injury law would be incredibly difficult. Even if you succeed, you would be unlikely to secure as much of a case award as an attorney could have obtained for you. Hiring legal counsel you can trust is an investment into your own recovery, and it is always worth having a Wheat Ridge bicycle accident attorney represent your claim.

The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal has the experience in personal injury law to know all of the obstacles you are likely to face in your impending recovery efforts, and we know how to help our clients navigate these issues as efficiently as possible. Whatever your case entails, we can help, so contact our team today to set up a free consultation with a Wheat Ridge bicycle accident attorney.

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