With Spring Breaks Comes An Increased Likelihood of DUIs And Other Serious Accidents

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Spring break is traditionally a time of fun and relaxation for many college students across the country. However, all of the partying tends to lead to reckless behavior, which can cause injuries and even death. In fact, injuries and deaths spike from February through April, when relaxed inhibitions and large amounts of alcohol lead to accidents.

If your child is going on spring break, or if you live in an area near a college or vacation destination, be aware that there is an increased risk of auto accidents, slip and falls, and other injuries while these students are away from school. Take steps to prepare your child to act responsibly, and know what to do if someone else's behavior causes you harm.

Traffic Incidents Increase

According to a recent study of accidents in popular spring break vacation spots, fatal car accidents increased by 9.1% each week during spring break. The effect is believed to be a direct result of spring break, as counties which did not include a popular vacation destination reported no such increase for those weeks. In addition, out-of-state drivers were significantly more likely to be involved in a serious accident than in-state drivers.

Though it may be tempting to attribute the increase in accidents to only alcohol consumption, the same study also found that there werenot a significantly greater amount of alcohol-related fatalities reported. Instead, the increase may be attributable to factors like driving in an unfamiliar location, or driving while distracted by friends or music.

Regardless of the reasons, drivers who live near popular spring break areas should drive more defensively than usual, and be aware that some of the drivers on the road are impaired. Avoid driving at night near bars or hotels if possible, and encourage your child to use alternate transportation like Uber, Lyft or taxicabs.

Assaults, Other Injuries Increase

In addition to injuries caused by car accidents, many students on spring break are injured in fights, sexual assaults, or falls. Binge drinking is common over spring break, which leaves people particularly vulnerable to injuries caused by bad decisions.

Sometimes, injuries that result from a night of partying have more than one cause. Though every person has a certain amount of responsibility for their own actions, places like hotels, bars, and clubs also have a responsibility to their patrons. If someone was over-served alcohol, or if a location is unsafe, there may be a basis to hold the owner of that establishment liable. Also, if a student is assaulted, the attacker can be liable for damages in a civil lawsuit as well as face criminal consequences for their behavior.

Why You Need an Attorney

After an injury, you should always seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney. Even if you believe an injury was partially your fault, a thorough investigation into the situation may prove otherwise.

If you or your child was injured during spring break, you may be able to file a lawsuit to compensate you for your injuries. Whether it is an auto accident, a fall, or an assault, the experienced attorneys at the Law Office of Jeremy Rosenthal can help you get the justice you deserve.

For more information about your rights and legal options, schedule a free consultation with our office today by calling (303) 647-4511, or visit us online. You have nothing to lose with a free conversation.

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