Woman Impaled by SoulCycle Bike, Screams Futilely for Help over Loud Music

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This week, 42-year-old woman Donna Wood filed a personal injury lawsuit against the company SoulCycle after she suffered severe injuries during one of their classes in Beverly Hills and was not attended to properly by the instructor. Her lawsuit is not the first alleging unsafe practices in the wildly popular cycling fitness class.

Donna Wood, who resides in New York City, took a short vacation to California with her husband in January of 2016. While there, she decided to get some exercise, and she showed up to a local 8:30 am SoulCycle class at the Wilshire Boulevard franchise.

During the cool down, Wood allegedly tried to dismount from her bike but became entrapped by a sharp support beam which punctured her leg. She was unable to free herself and, according to the lawsuit, cried out for help. The lawsuit states, “Though she screamed for assistance because the class was in cool down mode and music was still playing loudly and the room still dark, she was not heard or seen for several minutes.”

She was “left dangling” by her right leg until a classmate noticed her pain and helped her dislodge herself from the bike. The lawsuit goes on to express grievance at the fact that no one called an ambulance for Wood, who called an Uber for herself to get to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's emergency room. Once there, she received “more than 50 surgical staples to close the wound.”

After a delay in her return home due to recovery time, Wood still got an infection and was reportedly in excruciating pain. She had to undergo a few rounds of treatment to rid her body of the infection, but after full recovery “the laceration left a deep and permanent scar.”

This is not the first time SoulCycle has been sued for unsafe practices. In June of 2014, Carmen Farias was taking a different class in Beverly hills when her instructor allegedly mocked her for slowing down. Farias, therefore, attempted to speed up her pedaling out of shame, saying in the lawsuit that she was embarrassed to be slowing down in front of her coworkers and boss, with whom she was taking the class.

This boost in momentum most likely caused overexertion and fatigue, however, as Farias became disoriented and fell from her bike. According to the lawsuit, “Although her head and torso were now lying to the right side of the spinning cycle, Carmen's left and right foot remained locked to the pedals.” Her ankle was dislocated multiple times due to the motion of the pedals spinning, injuring her “catastrophically.”

Many fitness facilities ask their members, or even one time visitors, to sign waivers informing them of the dangers of the activities that they are about to participate in. Often, inexperience can keep people from understanding risks unless they are clearly explained. If you or a loved one have been injured in an exercise facility, there may be legal recourse. Call the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal today at (303) 825-2333 or contact us online for a free case evaluation.

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