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Health and wellness are becoming increasingly important to many people. As we exit our teenage years and remember that our bodies are mortal, many of us realize that we must care for the bodies that we have. Unfortunately, even with regular exercise, healthy meals, and emotional support, harm can still occur. Our own safety is not always something we can control. An Aurora personal injury lawyer can help if someone else has harmed you.

Sometimes, others are careless and put us in harm’s way, no matter how hard we work to protect ourselves. Some people are negligent, putting us in danger because they have a general disregard for our well-being. In more unfortunate situations, others aim to hurt us. In either situation, the individual who caused harm should be held responsible.

Fortunately, we have ways of seeking justice when we’ve been harmed. The personal injury arena allows us to seek financial compensation from those who hurt us. Though a personal injury case will not bring your health back, it can help you financially recover from your injury.

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Why Choose Us as Your Aurora Personal Injury Attorney

Here at the Law Offices of Jeremy Rosenthal, we are experts in personal injury law because it is our central focus. We understand how deeply this area can impact individuals, families, and communities, so we have devoted over a decade of our lives to fighting personal injury cases in Aurora, CO.

Our number one priority is communication. Here at the Law Offices of Jeremy Rosenthal, we understand how central communication is to a successful case and a successful professional relationship. Unfortunately, clear communication is not often present in attorney-client relationships, and we strive to change that. We use clear and honest communication in all our cases and aim to raise the standard for our industry as a whole.

In our 12 years in business, we have successfully helped hundreds of individuals and families rebuild following a personal injury case. We hope that you will trust us with your case as well.

What Is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law is a significant facet of the legal system. Overall, personal injury cases are situations in which another individual unfairly harms an individual. While sometimes pain is an accident, in other situations, it is not. When pain results from an individual’s negligence or ill intent, that individual can be held legally and financially responsible for the pain they cause. Innocent victims should not be made to suffer physically and financially for situations that are not their fault.

It is essential to note that personal injury focuses on financial compensation only. The law cannot bring your health back or undo the unfair treatment you have endured. What it can do, however, is be sure that you are financially cared for by those who were responsible for your pain. Medical bill costs, lost income, and pain and suffering are all considered when calculating a compensation sum. Though this money will not heal your body, it can afford you services that advance your healing and make your life more comfortable.

Please note that personal injury cases are vulnerable. Honest, straightforward communication about your experience is required. You may have to revisit painful memories surrounding your incident and give personal details in court. You may also begin to realize the lasting impact your case will have on your life; many individuals struggle to come to terms with the consequences of actions that were not their own.

However, compensation is often worth intense vulnerability. Financial stability can expedite your healing process, give your family peace of mind, and help ensure that other areas of your life remain the same.

Is It Worth Getting an Injury Lawyer in Aurora, CO?

You must understand that these cases are no walk in the park. While you are fighting for fair compensation, your body is fighting to heal from its injuries. It is normal to feel fatigued, frightened, and generally ill while your body mends. Rest and relaxation are the best gifts you can give yourself.

Rest and relaxation are impossible without an attorney to handle your case. We step in to create a solid, undeniable claim that proves that the other party should be held responsible. We interview witnesses, collect evidence, and make sure we understand the laws and trials relevant to your case. This requires hours of diligent work.

If you were to attempt this process independently, you would only slow your healing and jeopardize your compensation. Formulating a claim leaves insufficient time for rest and relaxation, which your body desperately needs. In addition, these cases are often stressful when they are being built, which creates an adverse effect on the healing process. Allowing an experienced attorney is the best thing you can do for your body and your case.

It is important to note that representing yourself will likely end in a lower settlement. The legal process is complicated, and you are bound to make mistakes if you try to go it alone.

What Kinds of Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

Approaching a personal injury attorney can be intimidating, especially if you are unsure what qualifies as a personal injury. However, many circumstances might lead to a serious injury case, and no two situations are the same.

The standards for a personal injury case are incredibly vague. It is essential to know them, though, if you believe you might have a case on your hands. The requirements are that:

  • You have an injury.
  • The injury was caused by someone other than yourself.
  • The person was acting maliciously or recklessly when they caused harm.

These are the only basic necessities for a personal injury case.

It is easy to feel confused about this. Sometimes, it helps to consider if your accident was preventable or if it was an inevitable accident. For example, let’s say you are taking a walk in your neighborhood. A neighbor and his dog approach you from the other direction, and the dog is on a leash. Though you sidestep them, the dog lunges at you and bites your leg.

In this scenario, a personal injury attorney is warranted. Dog owners have a legal responsibility to keep their dogs on leashes and control them in public. Since the owner has neglected to do these things, he is responsible for the damage that the dog caused to you.

A more unfortunate side of personal injury is the aspect of malice. This is when an individual aims to hurt you. Many laws are in place to keep people from hurting one another, and when these laws are broken, the perpetrators should be held responsible.

For example, let’s say that an ex-partner is angry following your breakup. They know you go to trivia on Friday nights, so they show up at trivia night and punch you. In this scenario, the individual had malicious intent to hurt their victim and succeeded in warranting a personal injury claim.

Because these cases are diverse, it is worth consulting a personal injury attorney if you have been injured in any way.

Types of Personal Injury Claims We Represent in Aurora

When you are searching for an attorney to help hold another party accountable for the harm they have caused, it is crucial that you look for a legal team that has proven experience handling cases like yours. You could be entitled to more compensation than you realize, and it is imperative to have an attorney representing you who knows how to address the unique details of your claim.

Some examples of the types of cases the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal represents in Aurora and surrounding communities include:

  • Car accident claims. Recovering from a car accident typically begins with an auto insurance claim against the at-fault driver. However, insurance may not completely repay your losses, or an at-fault driver may not have insurance at all. You can rely on our team to guide you through the insurance claim filing process and then build a personal injury case for you if necessary to ensure full recovery.
  • Truck accident cases. Truck accidents are less common than passenger vehicle accidents but tend to cause far worse damage. Additionally, these cases may also generate more complex questions of liability, and you will need a seasoned attorney’s help navigating this type of accident claim successfully.
  • Motorcycle crash claims. Motorcycle accidents have a high chance of causing catastrophic or fatal injuries. Even the highest quality safety gear and helmets can only mitigate injuries, not prevent them entirely. Motorcycle accidents also have a higher fatality rate than other types of vehicle accidents.
  • Premises liability claims. If you suffer a slip and fall or similar accident on someone else’s property because they did not maintain their property, you have the right to seek accountability and compensation for resulting damages. Premises liability law requires every property owner to address foreseeable safety issues before they can injure lawful visitors.
  • Dog bite claims. Colorado enforces the strict liability rule for dog bite claims. This means that if another person’s dog hurts you and you did not provoke it or trespass on private property, the dog owner is fully liable for all resulting damages.
  • Catastrophic injury claims. A personal injury resulting in permanent disability and/or disfigurement not only has a high chance of causing severe medical complications for the victim but also incurring substantial economic stress. You need an Aurora personal injury lawyer with the experience necessary to prove accountability and secure maximum compensation for your damages in this type of civil suit.

The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal has the professional experience and resources needed to represent clients in the toughest personal injury cases in Aurora. Whatever type of injury you experience, you need an attorney you can trust to guide you through the difficult proceedings ahead of you as you seek compensation for your losses.

Proving Negligence in an Aurora Personal Injury Claim

It is common to wonder how attorneys prove negligence in personal injury trials. Unfortunately, this aspect of the field can be a bit hazy, as the method changes depending on the situation.

Ultimately, our job is to assemble any evidence surrounding the case. This includes surveillance footage, phone records, witness statements, etc. This information may give us insight into what the other person was doing when the injury occurred.

When it comes to being hurt in a public place or by a product malfunction, it is vital to document signs and surrounding areas at the time of the injury. As the victim, if you are able, taking photos of your surroundings, the injuries, and those involved can help build your case.

Asserting negligence in any personal injury claim requires four basic elements. First, the plaintiff needs to prove that the defendant owed a duty of care in a specific situation. Second, they must prove the defendant breached this duty in some way. For example, a duty of care would be a driver’s responsibility to pay attention while driving and distracted driving would be a breach of this duty of care.

Third, the plaintiff must prove they suffered actual harm. If there are no damages, there is no claim, and it is vital for the plaintiff to work with an Aurora personal injury lawyer who can accurately identify all the damages they can cite in their claim. Fourth, the plaintiff must establish causation between the defendant’s breach of duty and their claimed losses. This means their damages must have solely resulted from the defendant’s actions and not from any other cause.

Injuries From Illegal Misconduct

When a defendant has broken a law in causing your personal injury, they not only face liability for your damages but also criminal charges from the state. The penalties for breaking the law can increase significantly when the criminal act results in serious harm to another party.

A criminal case against a defendant handled by the state will unfold separately from your civil suit, but these two cases may interact in some ways. For example, a defendant in a civil suit could face punitive damages if their actions were illegal or exceeded the extent of standard negligence. Punitive damages are awarded at the judge’s discretion. In the criminal case, the judge handling sentencing may include restitution as one of the defendant’s penalties.

Potential Injuries in a Personal Injury Case in Aurora, CO

No two personal injury cases are the same. Many different circumstances can cause personal injury situations, and the results from each scenario can affect the outcome of the injuries.

However, despite the variance in this field, we commonly see the following injuries:

  • Brain injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • PTSD
  • Disability
  • Bruises, cuts, and scrapes

Each of these conditions has the potential to affect a person’s life permanently. Unfortunately, many victims suffer more than one after an accident.

One of the best things you can do following an injury is to see a medical professional. This gives you the best chance of a full recovery, as well as official documentation of your injuries.

Damages You Can Recover in a Personal Injury Claim

The purpose of your personal injury claim is to hold a defendant accountable for the harm they have done and to secure compensation for the losses they caused. In Colorado, a plaintiff has the right to claim full repayment of all the economic losses they suffered because of a defendant’s negligence or illegal misconduct. Most economic damages are relatively straightforward and proven with the appropriate documentation.

The economic damages you could potentially claim from the defendant in your case may include property damage, medical expenses, and lost wages. If you were physically hurt by the defendant’s actions, they are liable for the cost of all the medical care you need to fully recover. If you are unable to work for an extended period of time because of your injuries, the defendant is also liable for your lost wages.

If you were permanently disabled by the defendant’s actions, you have the right to seek compensation for any future income you will be unable to earn. This can be difficult to calculate, but a good attorney can help determine a suitable amount based on your current earnings, how long you likely would have continued working, and future adjustments for inflation and cost of living increases.

A plaintiff also has the right to claim pain and suffering compensation, but Colorado law limits how much they can seek from a defendant, even if they suffered permanently disabling injuries. When a defendant has caused harm resulting in physical pain, emotional distress, and diminished quality of life, it is important to hire an attorney who can help maximize the compensation you receive for these non-economic damages.

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How Much Do Aurora Lawyers Charge for Personal Injury Cases?

It is understandable to be curious about how much an attorney will charge in a personal injury case. After all, the intent of these cases is to help you recover financially, not put you further into debt.

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this inquiry. All attorneys have different pay structures and fees. Some lawyers charge via contingency, meaning they only take a percentage if you win your settlement. Others charge hourly rates instead. The median hourly rates are $200 to $300 per hour.

Always discuss your finances with potential attorneys. You do not want to commit to an attorney’s services and not afford them later. Your case could fall apart, and you could be sued for what you owe. Instead, discuss payment up front, and be sure you understand what is expected of you financially if they take your case.

What to Expect From Your Aurora Personal Injury Lawyer

Though we have significant experience as personal injury attorneys, it is essential to remember that we work for you, not the other way around. This means that it is okay to expect certain qualities from your attorney and turn down lawyers who do not meet your standards. Consider your morals and topics that are important to you. We suggest looking for an attorney who is:

  • Patient
  • Compassionate
  • Respectful
  • Communicative
  • Kind
  • Experienced

These qualities can help put you at ease during the process of your case. They also make for an excellent lawyer-client relationship and help strengthen your case all around.

Settlement vs. Litigation in Personal Injury Claims

Many people assume that all personal injury cases in Colorado go to litigation. This is woefully untrue. Many cases do not go to court but instead are settled outside the courtroom. This occurs when the two attorneys agree on an amount of compensation that is appropriate for the settlement. Rather than going to court and battling in front of a judge, the attorneys agree on their own and avoid court fees.

This often occurs when one side has irrefutable evidence in its favor. Generally, if you have enough evidence to prove that your abuser acted maliciously or with neglect, the other side will agree to a settlement to avoid court. This is common in personal injury cases.

Settlements are just one of the reasons you need to trust your attorney. If you believe in their expertise and their interest in your well-being, they may be able to negotiate a settlement and avoid ugly courtroom battles. On the other hand, if you don’t trust them, the process will likely drag on longer than it needs to.

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Here at the Law Offices of Jeremy Rosenthal, we pride ourselves on 12 years of straightforward, honest, open communication with our clients. Because we focus on personal injury cases, you can trust that we have direct experience and expertise that will benefit your case. We have seen first hand how devastating personal injuries can be and just how deeply they affect the people and families involved. This drives our passion for achieving fair compensation for our clients, and make sure that everyone who walks through our doors feels safe, heard, and understood. No matter the circumstances or the complexity of your case, we can help you fight for the compensation that reflects your suffering.

For more information about our firm’s history, our policies, and what we can do in your case, please do not hesitate to contact us online today.

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