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Staying healthy and happy is a top priority for many people. Yet, though many of us exercise regularly, eat well, and avoid dangerous situations, sometimes harm still finds us. Our safety and security are not always within our control, which is frightening.

Unfortunately, other people are not always as careful with our bodies as we are. Sometimes, individuals act negligently and cause us harm. In other situations, individuals aim to hurt us and cause pain. In both these situations, they should be held responsible for the abuse they inflicted.

Personal injury law is a field of the legal system that allows action against those who hurt others with their negligence or malice. Though this system cannot bring health back to the individual who was hurt, it can help them in other ways.

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Here at the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal, we are experts at personal injury law because it is the only area we practice. We focus on this critical area of law because we believe it is key to keeping communities safe and helping families rebuild after tragedies.

We pride ourselves on communication above all else. We know that our industry, and our world, would fall apart without honest and straightforward communication. This is why we employ it with each of our clients and in each of our cases. It has served our practice very well.

We have been practicing this area of law for 12 years and have helped hundreds of victims receive settlements that helped them rebuild their lives and recover financially. We would be honored to be your Arvada personal injury attorney.

What Is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law is the process of seeking compensation following an event that caused an injury. Of course, many injuries are honest mistakes, and no one is at fault. Sometimes, however, injuries are caused by individuals acting recklessly or intending to hurt someone. Therefore, it is unfair for the victims to be held financially responsible for medical bills and lost wages that were not their fault in the latter situation.

Personal injury law aims to bridge the financial gap for victims. Though the law cannot mend your body or erase the pain you’ve endured, it can help ensure that you are not at a financial disadvantage because of someone else’s callous actions. Settlements for personal injury cases often encompass medical bill costs, wages lost while out of work, pain and suffering compensation, and more. In addition, many families find that the settlements from these cases allow them to move forward after the event, adjusting to their new normal.

These types of cases are often difficult for the victims. To prove that you have been wrongfully harmed, you will need to speak openly and honestly about your experience. For example, you may have to disclose photos and statements from medical professionals that show the harm done to you. You also have to face the potential long-term consequences of your injuries and accept that your body may never function the same way again.

Despite this vulnerability, the outcome is often worth it. Ensuring that you are financially cared for following an injury often provides immense relief and expedites healing.

Is It Worth Getting a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury cases, as mentioned, are complicated. Not only are you fighting for financial compensation, but you are also simultaneously trying to heal from a traumatic injury. Your body requires a lot of rest and recovery to heal correctly and in a timely manner.

While you are healing, your personal injury attorney will be hard at work. We step in to build a case on your behalf, researching the circumstances of the event and building proof that the other person acted negligently or with malice. This often involves collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses, as well as hours of research into the minute details of the laws surrounding your case.

In most circumstances, attempting to build your own case and argue it in court is not recommended, but especially not in personal injury situations. Your body needs time and space to heal, and the demands of building a court case prevent you from being able to rest. In addition, the stress of the legal process often hurts healing victims.

Individuals who represent themselves often end up with a lower settlement if they get any compensation at all. Many times, the court looks unkindly on those who are facing cases on their own.

When Should a Personal Injury Lawyer Be Used?

It can be confusing to identify when you have a personal injury case and simply had an unfortunate accident. Many scenarios warrant full personal injury claims, while in other circumstances, an attorney will reveal that your case is not eligible for a personal injury lawsuit.

There is no set standard for personal injury cases. No particular chain of events has to have happened for a case to be valid. However, a few things must be true:

  • You have been injured.
  • Someone else caused your injury.
  • That person was reckless or malicious when they hurt you.

Aside from this, there are no requirements.

It can be helpful to consider if your injury, first, was preventable. For example, if you are at a theater for a show and the floor is wet. There is no sign, so you do not notice the wet floor, and you fall. In this scenario, you may not immediately blame someone else for your injury. However, the theater’s legal responsibility is to keep the floors clean and dry and alert patrons of any hazards. The building owner, manager, or maintenance staff failed to do so, meaning they were negligent in their responsibilities.

This is a scenario in which you should hire an accident lawyer, especially if you’ve suffered a severe injury as a result.

The other side of personal injury is when someone intends to hurt you and succeeds at doing so. Laws prevent individuals from freely hurting one another. If someone breaks those laws and hurts you, a personal injury lawyer can and should be used. For example, if you are at a gas station and a man approaches you, punches you, and steals your wallet, you have a personal injury case against him. He inflicted harm intentionally, and that is not legal, so you may take action.

If you have been injured, it is worth consulting a personal injury attorney to see if you have a viable case. The compensation could be significant if you qualify.

Proving Negligence in Personal Injury Claims

As discussed, negligence is one of the few reasons personal injury claims can be valid. However, proving negligence is not always as straightforward as the example above. Many times, injuries occur outside of private businesses, and it can be more challenging to prove that the person who harmed you was neglecting a primary responsibility.

One situation in which personal injury cases occur is after car accidents. In some situations, car accidents are simply mistakes; however other times, they are the fault of one of the drivers. If the other driver was being negligent when they hit you, the situation might warrant a case. However, negligence must be proven for the case to be successful. Some ways of proving negligence include:

  • Accessing phone records to determine if the person was using their phone when the accident occurred
  • Examining local CCTV and any other available surveillance footage
  • Questioning witnesses
  • Assessing the damage to the cars and motorway

This research can prove if the driver was acting illegally, which would build a negligence case against them.

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Potential Injuries and Other Damages in a Personal Injury Case

All personal injury cases are different. For example, while some involve car accidents, others involve assault and battery. This means that the resulting injuries can vary widely.

Some common injuries that show up in personal injury cases of all kinds include:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Broken bones
  • Scrapes, cuts, and bruises
  • PTSD

Any of these can be life-altering, and many victims suffer more than one. Therefore, it is essential to be seen by a medical professional following your injury. This creates reliable documentation for your case and gives you the best chance of survival if the injuries are life-threatening.

How Much Do Lawyers Make on Personal Injury Cases?

Many people wonder how much their attorney will take in a personal injury case. This depends entirely on the situation and the policies of the attorney in question. Lawyers have different pay structures, which can severely impact your payment.

Some attorneys have a contingency fee structure, which means that they collect a percentage of the settlement if you win. Others opt for hourly rates. These hourly rates can range anywhere from $100 per hour to $400 per hour, depending on experience and track record.

It is important to always discuss fees and payment with your attorney before committing to working with them. Your case hinges on your ability to pay your lawyer, so it is best to determine if you can afford their services before you commit to working with them. There is nothing worse than building a rapport and case with one attorney, only to find that you need to switch due to money.

What to Expect From Your Arvada Personal Injury Lawyer

Most individuals only go through one personal injury case in their lifetime, if that. This means that it is hard to know what to expect from your attorney when you encounter a personal injury case. Of course, individual attorney services will vary. However, you should always demand the following from your personal injury attorney:

  • Exemplary communication
  • Patience
  • Compassion
  • Kindness
  • Respect

Unfortunately, all of these are not a given in the personal injury community. However, this is why you must know what you can ask for and when you should keep looking for a new attorney.

Settlement vs. Litigation in Personal Injury Lawsuit

It is important to note that you may not have to go to court with your personal injury case. Many cases settle outside of court. If there is sufficient evidence for either side, the attorneys may choose to settle so that litigation does not have to occur. Litigation is often expensive and requires quite a bit of time. If one side understands that they will surely lose in court, a settlement is a good way to save time and money.

Your attorney may or may not suggest settling if the opportunity arises. If you have a very solid case, you can drive the price up by threatening litigation. However, if both sides are equally valid, you may be better off settling than trying to be greedy in a litigation setting.

Details like these are part of the reason that it is so important to have an attorney that you trust. This individual should have your very best interests at heart, and you should be able to rely on their advice if there is an opportunity to settle. If you could not trust your lawyer’s input in this situation, you likely need to find a new Arvada personal injury lawyer.

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