Settlement for permanent hand and ankle injuries in a car crash.


Jury verdict for ankle crush.


For lower leg crush injuries


For back injuries occurred while in a rideshare.


Settlement for pelvis fractures in a car crash.


For pelvis fractures from a car crash.


For back injuries from rear end car.


From low spend crash when “eggshell” client was seriously injured.


For back strain with just 12K in medical bills and moderate injury.

KC v. Unnamed Business

Our client was walking into a building when she slipped and fell on an uneven drainage grate. As a result, she needed a total hip replacement. After hard-fought negotiations, and on the eve of trial, we secured a $150,000+ settlement for our client.

MR v. Unnamed Business

Our client slipped and fell in a supermarket. The supermarket had a water leak which caused her to fall and tear ligaments in her knee. We secured a settlement which paid for all of our client’s medical care, and additionally got her a reasonable sum of money for pain and suffering.

HT v. Large corporation

1.5 Million dollar settlement for client who suffered lower extremity paralysis when multi thousand pound stone collapsed and crushed him.


Our client was subject to repeated gender harassment by her employer. We secured a $150,000+ settlement for our client.

JD v. Unnamed Insurance Company

Our client was the passenger in a car accident. The driver hit a tree and his passenger was injured as a result of the car accident. We received a six figure settlement from the insurance company which allowed client to obtain medical care and recover for lost wages.

CW v. Unnamed Insurance Company

The client was insured in an auto accident and we obtained a settlement of over $160,000 to compensate her for her injuries.

PS v. Unnamed Insurance Company

The client was insured in an auto accident and we obtained a settlement of over $160,000 to compensate her for her injuries.

DR. v Unnamed Insurance Company

The client was in her car when another driver failed to yield the right of way, ultimately crashing into our client’s car. The client suffered numerous broken bones in her foot. We obtained a full policy limits settlement.

Joey v. Unnamed Bagel Company

The client bit into a bagel which had a foreign object within it cracking our client’s tooth. We obtained a favorable settlement with compensated the client for all of his dental work, plus a reasonable amount for pain and suffering.

Olson v. Unnamed Insurance Company

The client fell on ice and snow in the parking lot of a business and broke her arm. The business was supposed to be putting sand and salt on the area to prevent any injuries. The case settled for $90,000.

People v. M

The client got food poisoning from eating at a local restaurant. We convinced the restaurant’s insurance company to pay for all of the client’s medical bills, lost wages, and a reasonable award for pain and suffering.

People v. CJ.

The client was bit by an aggressive dog while riding in an acquaintance’s vehicle. We convinced the acquaintance’s insurance company that the incident arose out of the use of an automobile. Subsequently, the insurance company paid all the medical bills and a reasonable amount for pain and suffering.

In the matter of FE

The client was in an auto accident. After intensive negotiations with the other driver’s insurance company a settlement was reached in excess of $150,000.

In the matter of CD.

The client was in an auto accident. After intensive negotiations with the other driver’s insurance company a settlement was reached for $175,000.

In the matter of EM.

The client lost her young daughter in a heart wrenching automobile accident. Many people in the client’s car were injured. We negotiated a $400,000 settlement with the other driver’s insurance company. Then we went to trial and secured another $575,000.

In the matter of WJ.

The client fell on ice and broke a bone. The area in which he fell was supposed to be maintained by the owner of the property. The owner refused to take accountability. The court allowed us to maintain a claim for punitive damages because the defendant’s conduct was reprehensible. The case recently settled for $70,000 which will pay our client’s medical bills and leave him with a reasonable amount for pain and suffering.

Anon. v. Unnamed Manufacturer

Defendant was burned by his BBQ grill. The propane tank turned into a blowtorch and shot a fireball at him. The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal hired top engineers who discovered that the tank had a defective valve. The maker of the valve was in China. The grill manufacturer did not think Attorney Rosenthal would fly to China to discover the pertinent facts and prosecute the case for my client. I flew to China and deposed their CEO, and within weeks of flying back to America the case settled most favorably for a confidential amount.

Anon. v. Unnamed Supermarket

The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal had a client who was walking in a large supermarket’s parking lot. The lot was obviously not being maintained and was full of large cracks and holes. Our client fell in a pothole and fell, hitting her head into the pavement and causing brain damage. The store compensated our client and promised to change the way that they do business. This included a large, confidential settlement amount.

In the Matter of KG

1 Million dollar settlement with multiple insurance companies when teenage girl was in car accident that caused broken pelvis and minor traumatic brain injury.

Auto v. bicycle case

Broken arm without surgery.  12 weeks of physical therapy and then injury was totally healed with no residual pain.  $75,000 settlement.

In the Matter of Pranger

Elderly client tried to handle claim by himself and for 2 years insurers jerked him around with minimal offers.  Hired us and was able to secure $350,000 settlement for knee tears and tinnitus following side impact crash.

Hit by ambulance driver

$550,000 settlement when husband and wife were rear ended by ambulance driver and wife had a wrist tear that stopped her from nursing.

Fall on Ice

$300,000 policy limits settlement for client when she fell on rushing water and ice that was caused by homeowners broken pipes bursting water into common walkways.  She suffered broken hip and 3 week hospital stay.

In the Matter of Gerald E

Big auto insurer stated that client could not have needed surgery in his neck from low impact crash.  Offered 10K.  Client hired me and got offer up to 200K in less than a year

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