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Personal injury law is the area of civil law pertaining to claims for damages between private parties. For example, if another party has injured you or a loved one, you have the right to file a civil claim against them to seek compensation for the resulting losses. Personal injuries can include physical injuries or illnesses caused by negligence, the harm resulting from intentional acts, and economic losses resulting from another party’s actions. While the concept of a personal injury claim may appear straightforward at first, the reality is that many of these cases are far more complex than they initially seem.

If you have suffered any type of injury in the Lakewood, CO, area, it’s natural to have many questions about your legal rights and what you can do about the situation. However, it’s also necessary to act swiftly before your window of opportunity to recover your damages closes. The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal can provide the meticulous and compassionate legal counsel you and your family need during this challenging time.

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Is It Worth Getting an Injury Lawyer?

When another party has injured you, and they are clearly at fault for your damages, you may wonder whether you need to hire an attorney to represent you. If liability seems clear, some people in this situation may assume they can handle their legal proceedings independently and save money on legal fees. The truth is that the average person with no professional legal experience would likely struggle to meet the complex demands of the Colorado civil court system. Pursuing a personal injury claim requires extensive research and document recovery, meeting strict court filing deadlines, and securing the evidence and testimony necessary for proving a defendant’s liability.

You would need to handle these responsibilities on your own while also managing the aftermath of your personal injury and the effects it has had on your home and family. Hiring an experienced Lakewood personal injury lawyer will allow you and your loved ones to focus on recovery with peace of mind as your legal team manages the procedural requirements of your case.

How Much Money Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Get?

Most Americans assume that attorneys are extremely expensive, and in many cases, this is true. However, personal injury attorneys recognize that the average person may not have thousands of dollars ready to spend on legal fees after an injury, especially when that injury entails significant financial losses for the family. Therefore, many personal injury attorneys, including those at the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal, offer clients contingency fee billing. This means the client pays nothing until the attorney has won their case, and their legal fees come out of their case award as a percentage. This guarantees recovery for the client and keeps legal fees manageable.

Suppose you are concerned about the potential cost of your legal representation after a personal injury in Lakewood, CO. In that case, our team will not collect any upfront fees, and you will pay nothing unless we win your case. However, the fear of potentially expensive legal fees should not deter injured people from securing the legal representation they need to secure compensation for their losses.

What Kind of Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

“Personal injury” is a comprehensive term that can apply to a wide range of situations. The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal has years of experience handling complex personal injury claims related to all types of situations, including:

  • Motor vehicle accident claims. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of accidental injuries and deaths throughout the United States. Suppose another driver caused an accident with your vehicle due to negligence, recklessness, driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs, or distracted driving. In that case, you have the right to pursue compensation for your losses.
  • Dog bite injuries. Dog owners are responsible for the injuries their pets inflict on others when dog attacks occur in public spaces or anywhere the victim is lawfully present. Colorado state law upholds strict liability for dog bite injuries, meaning dog owners are responsible for any damages their dogs cause regardless of whether they knew the dog was potentially dangerous.
  • Product liability claims. If you or a loved one suffered a personal injury due to a defective or unreasonably dangerous consumer product, you have the right to file a product liability claim against the manufacturer.
  • Premises liability claims. “Slip and fall” accidents might sound minor, but these incidents are responsible for causing severe injuries. For example, suppose a property owner fails to take appropriate care of their property, and a lawful visitor suffers an injury that the owner could have foreseeably prevented. In that case, the owner is liable for the victim’s damages.

These are only a few examples of the types of personal injury cases handled by the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal. If you believe you have grounds for a personal injury claim in Lakewood, CO, our team will help you calculate your damages and guide you through your legal proceedings.

Damages and Compensation for Lakewood Personal Injury Claims

Colorado’s personal injury laws allow plaintiffs to claim compensation for all damages resulting from the negligence of others. Some of the most commonly cited personal injury damages in Lakewood, CO, include:

  • Medical expenses. Insurance may cover some of your treatment costs after a personal injury, but anyone who sustains a serious injury will likely incur significant out-of-pocket medical costs. Therefore, you have the right to claim compensation for immediate and future medical expenses resulting from your personal injury, including hospital bills, emergency transportation costs, prescription medication costs, and any expenses for necessary long-term treatment like physical therapy or other forms of rehabilitation.
  • Lost income. Your personal injury could prevent you from working for an extended time. Your Lakewood personal injury attorney will help you calculate your lost income and include this in your claim. Additionally, if you developed a permanent disability or medical complications that prevent you from returning to work in the future, your attorney can help you secure compensation for your lost future income.
  • Property damage. Many personal injuries also involve damage to the plaintiff’s property. Therefore, if the defendant’s actions resulted in damage to any of your property, such as your vehicle or your home, you have the right to include these damages in your lawsuit.
  • Pain and suffering. Colorado law allows personal injury plaintiffs to recover compensation for physical pain, psychological trauma, and emotional distress resulting from a defendant’s negligence. Your attorney will help you determine an appropriate amount to include in your claim based on the severity of your injuries and the likelihood that you will experience long-term complications from them.

It’s common for personal injury claimants to recognize their immediate damages, such as hospital bills and lost income from missed time at work, but many do not fully understand the scope of their claimable damages until they meet with an attorney. An experienced Lakewood personal injury lawyer can help you explore every avenue of compensation that’s available in your claim, and you are likely to discover that you could secure much more compensation than you initially expected when you have a dependable legal team on your side.

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How Do I Win My Personal Injury Case?

The legal crux of every personal injury claim is “negligence,” a term used to describe a failure to exercise reasonable care in a given situation. Thus, to succeed with a personal injury claim, the plaintiff and their attorney must prove the defendant failed to use reasonable care in the situation in question. Further, the plaintiff must prove that their claimed damages directly resulted from this failure to exercise reasonable care and not some other cause.

Plaintiffs and their attorneys can use several methods for proving the negligence of the defendants in their claims. For example, if other people saw your personal injury occur, they may testify as witnesses and substantiate your claim. Material evidence may also be necessary. If you are unsure what evidence you will need to prove liability for your damages, you can rely on your Lakewood personal injury lawyer. After they help you gather the evidence you need, they will calculate the full range of damages you can include in your claim.

The majority of personal injury claims settle outside of court. It behooves both parties to reach a swift settlement rather than undergo a protracted court battle. At the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal, our goal is to maximize our client’s recovery in the shortest possible time. You can rely on us to guide you through your case proceedings and settlement negotiations. If settlement is not an option, the defendant contests liability, or they disagree with the scope of your claimed damages, we are not afraid of taking your case to court if necessary for your complete recovery.

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Experiencing a personal injury can be life-changing in many ways. However, when you secure legal counsel from an experienced and reliable Lakewood personal injury attorney, you do not have to confront this process alone. If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions, we can help. Contact the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal to schedule a case evaluation with our team.

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