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A slip and fall could result in only minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises, but this type of incident is also capable of resulting in more serious injuries like broken bones and traumatic brain damage. If you or a loved one recently experienced a slip and fall on someone else’s property in the Golden area, state law dictates that you have the right to seek compensation for the damages resulting from the incident.

Helping Slip and Fall Injury Victims Recover in Golden, CO

An experienced Golden slip and fall attorney is an essential ally if you intend to pursue legal recourse against a private property owner. The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal has extensive professional experience handling all types of personal injury cases in Golden and we can put this experience to work for you in your impending case. A slip and fall accident claim may seem straightforward at first, but having legal counsel you can trust on your side ensures you are prepared to face any unexpected challenges you encounter as you seek compensation for your damages.

Golden Slip and Fall Lawyer

Building Your Slip and Fall Injury Claim in Golden

The main objective of any personal injury claim is for the plaintiff to recover the compensation they need after suffering harm from a defendant’s negligence or intentional misconduct. Every private property owner in the state has a legal duty to ensure reasonably safe premises for lawful visitors. This pertains to those they invite onto their property for personal reasons, such as friends, relatives, and neighbors, as well as those with implied permission to enter the property for their own purposes, such as mail carriers and utility workers.

Success with a slip and fall injury claim in Golden requires proof that the defendant failed to meet their duty of care to ensure a reasonably safe premises. You must identify the hazard that caused your injury and prove that the defendant knew or reasonably should have known about it, and that the hazard directly caused your claimed damages.

Once you successfully prove liability for your slip and fall accident, you can proceed with claiming compensation for the damages you suffered. Colorado law allows you to seek compensation for economic losses such as your medical bills, lost income, and property damage caused by a defendant, and you have the right to seek compensation for projected future losses as well. State law enables the plaintiff to seek pain and suffering compensation, but state law limits this aspect of their case award.

When you choose the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal as your legal representatives, we can help build a compelling civil suit that aims for maximum recovery of your damages. Our team has extensive professional experience handling the most complex civil claims filed in Golden and we are ready to put this experience to work for you in your recovery efforts.

Slip & Fall Accident FAQs

Q: How Long Do You Have to File a Slip and Fall Claim in Golden?

A: There is a two-year statute of limitations that applies to most personal injury claims. The plaintiff must submit their complaint to the court no later than two years from the date their injury occurred, otherwise, they lose their chance to claim compensation from the defendant responsible for causing their damages. It will take time to gather the evidence needed to build your claim, so it is crucial that you speak with a Golden slip and fall attorney as soon as possible after your accident to ensure you meet the statute of limitations.

Q: How Much Compensation Can I Claim for a Slip and Fall Injury?

A: Colorado’s personal injury statute allows a plaintiff to claim compensation for any financial losses they suffered because of a defendant’s actions, such as their medical bills, property damage, and lost income. They also have the right to claim compensation for projected future losses, such as their lost future income if they are left unable to work again due to the severity of their injury. Additionally, a plaintiff can also recover pain and suffering compensation, but state law limits the amount they can receive.

Q: What Are the Most Common Injuries From Slip and Fall Accidents?

A: Many people may hear the term “slip and fall” and assume it to be a minor injury, but the reality is that any such incident has the potential to result in catastrophic harm. Some of the most commonly cited injuries in slip and fall accident claims include broken bones, facial and dental injuries, traumatic brain damage, and spinal cord injuries. The height and location of a fall generally determine the severity of resulting damages.

Q: Why Should I Hire a Golden Slip and Fall Attorney?

A: You may not be required to hire legal counsel to help with your claim in Golden, CO, but doing so dramatically increases your chance of success. Your Golden slip and fall attorney can help prove fault for your damages and maximize your recovery. They can handle all the procedural requirements of your case so you can focus on your medical needs, and they will also be crucial for streamlining your proceedings, helping you recover as quickly as possible. You are more likely to win your case and more likely to secure maximum compensation for your damages with an attorney’s help.

Q: What Does It Cost to Hire a Golden Slip and Fall Attorney?

A: Most personal injury attorneys accept clients on contingency. A contingency fee agreement means you only pay legal fees to your attorney after they win your case. The attorney takes a percentage of the final case award as their fee, leaving the client with the remainder. However, if the attorney is unable to secure compensation for their client, the client pays nothing. This billing policy allows you to approach your case without fear of paying more for legal representation than you win in compensation from the defendant.

The team at the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal has successfully helped many Golden-area clients with all types of civil suits, including slip and fall injury claims. If you believe another party in Golden is liable for the damages you suffered in a recent slip and fall accident, we can help hold them accountable with a personal injury claim. Contact the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal today to make an appointment for a free consultation with a Golden slip and fall attorney to learn how our team can assist with your recovery.

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