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Negligent security is a concept of which not enough victims of criminal activity are aware. When the crime they endured happened on the property of someone who should have provided proper security measures but failed to do so, they can file a claim for the associated costs with the property owner or manager. However, these can be complex cases, and it’s important to work with a Lakewood negligent security attorney.

At the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal, we have a firm understanding of negligent security law. With our experience, we can help settle a case or take it to court in order to obtain the compensation you need on your behalf.

What Is Negligent Security?

Negligent security is a form of premises liability concern and possibly one of the most complex examples of premises liability. Generally, premises liability means that property owners, managers, and others with control over a property need to provide safety for lawful visitors. Negligent security defines their responsibility to also include reasonable protection from crime.

The key component of negligent security is that the property owner is expected to act on the foreseeable risk of crime. In other words, there are some crimes of which the owner has no reason to expect the possibility. Factors like crime rates in the surrounding neighborhood and prior crime on the property are considered when determining if a crime was foreseeable.

Some of the most common forms of negligent security occur when security measures that were previously in place have been neglected. The presence of the measures indicates an awareness of their risk, and their neglect shows a failure to take proper reasonable precautions. For instance, broken locks, unused security cameras, failure to maintain lighting, and failure to repair barriers to entry are all examples of negligent security.

Lakewood Negligent Security Attorney

What Does a Lakewood Negligent Security Lawyer Do?

A negligent security lawyer is responsible for helping their clients, victims of crimes allowed by negligent security, the compensation that they deserve. The first thing we will need to do in service of that aim is investigate the circumstances around the crime. We will need to understand the nature of the negligence that allowed the crime to happen, identify the negligent party, and gather evidence that can be used to prove their negligence.

Once a lawyer identifies the responsible party, they will likely be able to negotiate with them or the insurance provider responsible for paying premises liability claims. It’s possible that a negotiated settlement may be a better option for all parties involved, as it avoids the time and risk of going to court. Of course, the settlement needs to be fair, and a lawyer’s experience in negotiating with insurance companies could be helpful in obtaining a settlement that covers all damages.

However, there will be some cases in which a stubborn negotiating partner prevents you from reaching a fair agreement. If that’s the case, a skilled lawyer from the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal can be prepared to take the claim to the courtroom. We can aggressively argue for what you deserve by demonstrating the defendant’s liability and proving the costs you incurred from their negligence.

Unlike some lawyers, we’re willing to pursue the path of litigation if that’s what your case requires. Our foremost goal is to see that you’re treated fairly and receive what you deserve.

Lakewood, CO Negligent Security FAQs

Q: What Is the Negligent Security Law in Lakewood, Colorado?

A: Negligent security in Lakewood, Colorado, is a form of premises liability issue, which itself is a variation of personal injury. The concept of negligent security asserts that property owners or managers may be liable for certain criminal actions that occur on their property if that possibility was foreseeable based on the circumstances of the property and the surrounding areas.

Q: What Is the Statute of Limitations on Negligent Security in Lakewood, CO?

A: The statute of limitations for negligent security falls under the general statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Colorado, which is typically two years. There are a few circumstances in which the statute could differ, and a Lakewood personal injury attorney may be able to help you understand the deadline in your case.

Q: What Is Gross Negligence?

A: Standard negligence is the idea that someone has failed to uphold a duty they had to others. Typically, proving standard negligence is sufficient in a personal liability claim, but some liability waivers may protect the defendant from standard negligence.

Gross negligence includes the element of intent and is never subject to waivers. For instance, a property owner who intentionally avoids providing sufficient security for a property despite knowing the risks could be grossly negligent, while one who is unaware of the risks could exhibit standard negligence.

Q: Is It Hard to Prove Gross Negligence?

A: Gross negligence can be more challenging to prove than basic negligence because it includes the additional component of intent. In addition to the need to prove an extra element, that element can be especially challenging to prove, as it involves demonstrating a defendant’s mindset and thinking. The court will need clear evidence showing that the negligence was performed intentionally, perhaps with the motive of causing someone harm.

The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal Can Help if You’ve Been Harmed Because of Negligent Security

Falling victim to a criminal act is a terrifying experience, and it can be even more frustrating knowing that it could have been easily prevented if basic security measures had been put in place. If this has happened to you, justice demands not only that the criminal be punished but also that you receive compensation from those who should have taken reasonable measures to prevent the incident.

At the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal, we understand the nuances of negligent security issues, as well as how to prove that you likely would never have suffered the criminal activity in question if the liable party had taken reasonable precautions. If you’re ready to seek compensation for your damages, we may be able to help you. Contact us today.

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