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Thousands of people in the Wheat Ridge area of Colorado take advantage of rideshare services like Lyft and Uber on a regular basis. These services allow customers to summon drivers for accessible transportation, providing a convenient alternative to public transit and standard taxi services. While most are able to take advantage of these services without issue, there is always a chance for serious accidents to occur.

Helping Rideshare Accident Victims Recover Their Losses in Wheat Ridge, CO

Rideshare accidents happen from many of the same causes as all other car accidents, but these accidents tend to generate more complex legal issues for those involved. Just like any other motor vehicle accident in Wheat Ridge, it will be essential to prove fault and determine exactly how the accident occurred. The victim can file an insurance claim against the at-fault driver, potentially followed by a claim against the rideshare company’s insurance under certain conditions. Ultimately, any rideshare accident can raise complex legal questions, and it is crucial to secure legal counsel you can trust if you want to recover as fully as possible.

The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal can provide the legal representation you need in the Wheat Ridge area in this difficult situation. Our firm has helped many past clients overcome some of the most challenging civil claims on behalf of Wheat Ridge area clients. We have confronted the leading insurance carriers in the area, helping our clients secure as much compensation as the law allows for their damages. Whatever your situation may require, you can rely on our firm to provide comprehensive and compassionate legal counsel through all stages of your recovery.

Wheat Ridge Uber and Lyft Accident Lawyer

Navigating the Insurance Claim Process After a Rideshare Accident in Wheat Ridge

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft consider their drivers to be independent contractors, and all rideshare drivers must have their own personal auto insurance that meets the state’s minimum coverage requirements. When a rideshare driver is using their vehicle for their own reasons, their personal auto insurance applies if they have an accident. However, rideshare companies also have insurance, and depending on when a rideshare accident happens, this insurance could come into play and provide compensation to an injured victim.

Uber and Lyft have virtually identical insurance policies that can function at two possible levels depending on the timing of an accident. If the rideshare driver has not logged into their driver app and they are using their vehicle for personal reasons, their own insurance applies if they cause an accident. After logging into their driver app and marking themselves as available for a ride request, the first level of the rideshare company’s insurance will apply if they cause an accident. This level of coverage provides up to $50,000 for bodily injuries to a single person, up to $100,000 for bodily injuries to multiple persons, and up to $25,000 for property damage.

The second level of the rideshare company’s insurance takes effect after a rideshare driver has picked up a passenger, and this coverage applies until they deliver the passenger to their destination. This level of coverage provides up to $1 million in third-party liability coverage. It’s possible for an injured passenger in the rideshare driver’s vehicle or the occupants of other vehicles hurt in the accident to file a claim against the rideshare company’s insurance. In most cases, a claimant must seek compensation from the driver’s personal auto insurance policy before claiming against the rideshare company’s policy.

Dealing with any insurance company can be challenging, but an experienced Wheat Ridge rideshare accident attorney can handle these interactions on your behalf. This will not only discourage the insurance carrier from attempting any bad faith handling of your case but will also likely lead to a much better result than you could have managed on your own. Additionally, even if you maximize your claim settlement, you could have outstanding damages and grounds to file a personal injury claim. Your legal team can be an essential asset for maximizing this next phase of your recovery.

Claimable Damages in a Personal Injury Suit for a Rideshare Accident

Once you have recovered as much as possible through insurance, any outstanding damages can form the foundation of a personal injury case against the driver who caused the accident. It’s possible to have grounds for a claim against the rideshare driver, the rideshare company, or a third party. Your Wheat Ridge rideshare accident attorney can help determine the target of your personal injury suit and construct the claim, aiming for maximum compensation for your losses.

Under Colorado’s personal injury laws, the plaintiff in a personal injury case has the right to claim compensation for their medical expenses, lost income, property damage, and pain and suffering. There are no limits on economic damages, and the plaintiff can claim full repayment of all financial losses not covered by insurance. When it comes to pain and suffering, state law limits how much the plaintiff can claim, but a good attorney can maximize their client’s compensation for their non-economic damages.

The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal has successfully represented clients in all types of Wheat Ridge personal injury cases, including those related to rideshare accidents. We will not only assist you with the insurance claim process but also help build a compelling personal injury case that seeks maximum compensation for your damages. The sooner you reach out to our team, the more time we will have to work on your case.

Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer FAQs

Q: Can You Sue a Rideshare Company for an Accident in Wheat Ridge?

A: Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft are legally required to have insurance that can provide up to $1 million in third-party liability coverage for certain accidents. If your recent rideshare accident happened because of the negligence or intentional actions of the rideshare driver, you likely have grounds to file a claim against the rideshare company’s insurance policy. If insurance cannot fully compensate you for your damages, you can proceed with filing a personal injury claim against the party responsible for causing the accident.

Q: How Much Compensation Can I Claim for a Rideshare Accident?

A: You have the right to seek complete repayment of all the economic losses you suffered in your accident. These could include property damage like your vehicle repair costs, short- and long-term medical expenses for treatment of your injuries, and lost income if the accident has left you unable to work and earn income. You may also seek compensation for the pain and suffering you endured from the accident, but state law limits the amount you can claim. Your Wheat Ridge rideshare accident attorney can help you determine a suitable amount to include with your civil action.

Q: How Long Do I Have to File My Rideshare Accident Case in Wheat Ridge?

A: Your recovery from your rideshare accident is likely to require at least one insurance claim followed by a personal injury suit. You have a very limited window of time in which to file your insurance claim, so it is crucial that you contact a Wheat Ridge rideshare accident attorney you can trust as soon as possible after your accident. Your attorney can streamline the insurance claim process before helping you build your personal injury case against the at-fault driver. If you proceed with a personal injury claim, you have two years from the date of your accident to file the case.

Q: Do I Need to Hire an Attorney for a Rideshare Accident Claim in Wheat Ridge?

A: Hiring legal counsel is not strictly required for your rideshare accident claim, but you will have a much better chance of success with your case if you have legal counsel you can trust advising you. Your attorney can streamline all aspects of your recovery efforts, from your initial insurance claim to compiling a personal injury action when insurance alone can’t cover your losses. Whatever your case entails, hiring reliable legal counsel can significantly improve the final outcome of your recovery efforts.

Q: How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Wheat Ridge Rideshare Accident Attorney?

A: There is no need to worry about legal expenses when you choose the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal to represent your rideshare accident case. We take all personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis. This means you only part with a percentage of your final case award as our fee, but only if and when we win your case. There is no upfront fee for our representation and no fee at all if we cannot secure compensation on your behalf.

The team at the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal has successfully represented many past clients in a wide range of civil cases in the Wheat Ridge area, including those arising from rideshare accidents. Rideshare services offer convenient and accessible transportation, but it is important to know the risks you face using these services and what to do when an accident happens. If you are ready to start exploring your options for legal recourse in the aftermath of a rideshare accident, we can help. Contact the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal today to schedule your free consultation with a Wheat Ridge rideshare accident attorney.

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