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While it’s possible for any personal injury to cause lasting damage to the victim, traumatic brain injuries are especially serious and almost always result in some level of permanent harm. If you or a family member recently sustained a traumatic brain injury because of another party’s actions, you have the right to seek accountability and compensation for your losses. An Arvada traumatic brain injury lawyer will be an essential asset in this situation.

Compassionate Legal Counsel for Brain Injury Claims in Arvada, CO

The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal has years of professional experience representing clients in all types of personal injury claims in Arvada, including those pertaining to catastrophic injuries. If you believe another party is liable for causing a brain injury to you or a family member, our team can help you hold them accountable for their actions and assist you in securing compensation for your damages.

The right attorney will streamline your recovery efforts significantly, helping you to identify the full scope of damages you can claim from the defendant who injured you. Our firm can assist you in determining the full scope of recovery options available to you and uncover every channel of compensation that may improve your final case award. Our goal for every client we represent in Arvada is maximum compensation in the shortest possible time.

Arvada Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

How to Recover Compensation for a Brain Injury in Arvada

The first challenge you will face as you seek compensation for your traumatic brain injury is identifying the party or parties responsible for causing the injury and proving exactly how they caused it. It’s possible for a brain injury to happen from a slip and fall accident, a motor vehicle crash, an act of interpersonal violence, or an unexpected work accident. If a specific party caused the injury, you must prove their negligence or illegal actions directly caused your damages.

Insurance could offer some initial recovery depending on how your injury happened. For example, if you sustained a brain injury in a car accident, the other driver’s auto insurance may cover some of your losses. However, there is no guarantee that insurance alone can fully compensate you or that insurance will be available at all. Your Arvada traumatic brain injury lawyer will help you pursue a claim, if possible, before building a personal injury suit.

Under Colorado’s personal injury statutes, the party responsible for causing a traumatic brain injury is liable for the full scope of economic damages they inflicted on the victim. Immediate economic damages are likely to include property damage caused by the defendant, the victim’s medical treatment costs, and lost income if they are unable to work due to their injury.

The plaintiff also has the right to seek compensation for their future damages, such as the income they will no longer be able to earn in the future due to the severity of their injury. Colorado law also enables the plaintiff to seek pain and suffering compensation, but they are limited in how much they are allowed to claim, even if they suffered a catastrophic brain injury that resulted in permanent harm.

The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal can work closely with you to help you maximize your recovery in a traumatic brain injury claim. You have a limited time in which to file your case, and the sooner you connect with trustworthy legal counsel, the better your chances are of maximizing your total recovery.

Arvada Traumatic Brain Injury Law FAQs

Q: Are Brain Injuries Permanent?

A: Traumatic brain injuries carry a very high chance of causing permanent medical complications for the victim. They may experience a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms that may worsen or improve over time, and any brain injury leaves the victim more susceptible to further brain injuries in the future. Many victims of brain injuries require extensive recovery time and experience unpredictable symptoms that complicate their lives in many ways.

Q: How Much Compensation Can I Claim for a Brain Injury in Colorado?

A: If you are able to prove that another party is directly responsible for causing your recent brain injury in Arvada, you have the right to seek full compensation for any and all economic damages associated with the injury. These may include property damage, medical expenses, and lost income, and you also have the right to seek compensation for projected future damages like lost earning capacity. You may also claim a limited amount of pain and suffering compensation.

Q: How Do I Prove Fault for a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A: Success with your personal injury claim requires proof of how your accident happened and identification of the party or parties responsible for causing your brain injury. You may require a combination of various types of evidence depending on how and why your injury occurred, such as physical evidence from the scene of the accident, testimony from witnesses, and even input from various professionals who can provide expert witness testimony.

Q: What Happens if I Share Fault for Causing My Brain Injury in Arvada?

A: Colorado enforces a modified comparative fault rule that applies to any personal injury case in which the plaintiff shares fault with the defendant. If this applies to your situation, you will lose a percentage of your total case award equal to your percentage of fault for causing the accident in question. As long as the plaintiff is less than 50% at fault, they can still claim damages, but fault of 50% or more prevents them from seeking compensation with a civil suit.

Q: How Much Will It Cost to Hire an Arvada Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney?

A: It is natural to have concerns about the potential cost of hiring legal representation, but this is no cause for concern if you choose the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal to represent your case. We use a contingency fee payment structure for personal injury clients, meaning you will only pay our firm a fee if we win your case, and your fee will be a percentage of the total compensation we recover on your behalf. If we cannot win compensation for your damages for any reason, there is no fee.

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