Can I Try My Own Case in Colorado?

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Car accidents are known for their ability to throw the lives of entire families into utter chaos. The physical discomfort, growing medical expenses, missed work and other related burdens can make the days and weeks following a crash truly unbearable for those affected. Attempting to negotiate with an insurance carrier determined to minimize or even deny claims can make an already difficult situation even worse. While the law certainly permits accident victims to go it alone and represent their own interests before insurance adjusters as well as in litigation, there is real doubt as to whether this is the wisest course of action.

An experienced personal injury lawyer possesses comprehensive knowledge of what it takes to document, negotiate and maximize financial recovery following a serious collision and can provide the insights, guidance, and advocacy so crucial to obtaining real justice. Jeremy Rosenthal is prepared to aid Colorado injury victims at every stage of the claims process, up to and including litigation, should it ultimately prove necessary.

Effective Interactions with Claims Adjusters

While it may initially be tempting to simply handle an insurance claim directly without involving an attorney, it is important for accident victims to grasp the real motivations that drive adjusters. The role of an insurance carrier claims adjuster is not to provide accident victims with everything they need in order to recover from losses suffered in an accident, but rather to settle cases for as little as possible. Every effort will be made to question, minimize and decline payment whenever they can, in order to bolster their employer’s bottom line.

As a result, those injured in car accidents are at a serious disadvantage from the outset, particularly if they have never before had to interact with insurance personnel in this way. Furthermore, accident victims may not know how to properly maintain, assemble and present critical medical records, crash reports and other documentation so essential to a successful claim. A seasoned injury lawyer knows how to attach accurate dollar values to every category of loss suffered in an accident and can marshal the facts in such a way as to obtain the payout clients deserve.

Navigating the Litigation Landscape

Attempting to negotiate one’s own accident claim with an insurance adjuster is stressful enough, but that experience pales in comparison to undertaking self-representation in personal injury litigation once settlement talks fail. Those with no prior court experience will find themselves hard pressed to achieve compliance with filing requirements, discovery procedures and other key aspects of the legal process upon which the success of their claim will depend. Doing battle with insurance company attorneys who handle hundreds of similar cases a year is almost certain to be an uphill battle for most accident victims, and the chances that they will secure the true amount of compensation to which they are entitled can be unacceptably low.

Maximizing Recovery Through Effective Strategies

Auto accident claims, particularly those involving very serious injuries, are complex matters involving large volumes of evidence, expert testimony and carefully crafted legal arguments. Victims of negligence need not shoulder these burdens alone at a time when they may be especially ill-equipped to aggressively assert their rights. If you have been harmed in an auto accident and wish to pursue accountability and monetary recovery from those responsible, you owe it to yourself to align with a zealous legal advocate who has a track record of positive results. To learn how the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal can help, contact us at 303.825.2223.

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