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The specter of intrusive, ongoing litigation following a personal injury event is something few wish to contemplate. Fortunately, the vast majority of claims requiring negotiations with insurance carrier representatives are settled well in advance of a trial. When approached from a position of strength and knowledge, claims of this nature can often be resolved to the satisfaction of the injured party. Though some victims may be tempted to go it alone when it comes time to discuss possible terms of settlement, the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney really can make all the difference in the final result. Denver car accident lawyer, Jeremy Rosenthal has dedicated his practice to seeking maximum compensation for the clients he is privileged to serve and pledges to fight tirelessly to achieve the accountability and justice injured parties deserve.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

It is not surprising that individuals who have been injured by another party’s negligence often feel as though the unfairness of the situation is so clear that an appropriate financial settlement with the relevant insurance company is essentially a foregone conclusion. However, failure on the part of claimants to gain an understanding of the process or thoroughly document their losses can quickly undermine the chances of success. Though many insurance claims are handled by company adjusters, it is sometimes the case that an attorney will be charged with representing the carrier’s position. This is certainly not a time to panic, but it may in fact be wise for an affected victim to obtain the insights and guidance of a personal injury attorney of their own.

Supplementing Claims with Proof of Mounting Losses

From the moment a demand letter is submitted to an insurance carrier, the attorney (or adjuster) representing the company will begin working to question, undermine and otherwise diminish the claim at hand. The best way to counteract such efforts is to provide comprehensive documentation not just of initial harm stemming from the accident, but also of ongoing treatments received and information that supports any likely requirement of future care. This is particularly critical because permanent impairment is not always immediately evident and may only become clear as time progresses. By presenting the insurer’s lawyer with a mountain of evidence bolstering the claim, the chances of securing fair compensation will only increase.

Aligning with an Aggressive Champion of Your Rights

While many injury victims find the notion of hiring an attorney to be a daunting task they would simply prefer to avoid, there are clear benefits to having a professional advocate available to further a claim for compensation. Insurance company attorneys may assume (fairly or not) that a claimant who lacks legal representation will be easier to manipulate into accepting less than they are owed. Furthermore, they may attempt to leverage their supposed expertise by employing strategic, perhaps even unethical negotiation tactics that would never be utilized in talks with opposing counsel. A seasoned injury attorney can truly be a victim’s best ally when it comes to securing fair payment for the harm they have sustained.

The Advocacy Colorado Injury Victims Deserve

The aftermath of a serious injury accident can be harrowing enough without having to take on the extra burden of battling with insurance company lawyers and other personnel. Attorney Jeremy Rosenthal is prepared to undertake all aspects of your claim, from initial investigation and evidence gathering to aggressive settlement negotiations and all the way through to trial, should that prove necessary. If you would like to begin exploring your legal options, we invite you to contact the firm by calling 303.825.2223.

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