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Auto accidents have the ability to produce a whole host of difficult, sometimes even agonizing consequences. Though often the subject of tongue-in-cheek satire, whiplash is in fact among the most insidious of those effects. The serious impact whiplash can have on those who suffer from it may not manifest itself for days or even weeks after a crash, but once it appears, it can last for extended periods of time. Accident victims contending with whiplash can take heart, however, because Attorney Jeremy Rosenthal understands the challenges you are facing and is prepared to seek fair compensation from those responsible for your pain.

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Whiplash Fundamentals

Because whiplash is an umbrella term that describes a variety of neck injuries resulting from a sudden or abrupt extension or disruption of surrounding muscles, it should come as no surprise that such harm is often suffered by those involved in car accidents. Rear-end crashes are particularly frequent sources of whiplash injuries because their impact can force the head and neck to move past its normal range of motion in a dangerously traumatic manner.

Key Symptoms of Whiplash

An unusual aspect of whiplash as compared to other injuries commonly suffered in car accidents is the fact that many victims experience a delayed onset of symptoms. It may take several days or even weeks for the hallmarks of whiplash to present themselves, and when they do, their effects can last for months. The characteristics of a given case of whiplash will depend on a number of factors, but complaints commonly associated with these types of injuries include:

  • head and neck stiffness
  • unusual fatigue
  • memory loss
  • blurring of vision
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • neck and/or shoulder swelling
  • sleep difficulties
  • reduced range of motion in neck

Compensation for Victims of Whiplash Injuries in Denver, CO

Individuals who have sustained whiplash injuries routinely require lengthy periods of recuperation as well as costly medical treatment. Physical therapy and rehabilitation expenses can also begin to mount, causing victims to wonder how they will be able to afford the services they need to achieve full recovery. Compounding the difficulty of these unanticipated financial burdens are the lost wages and diminished earning capacity stemming from long-term convalescence and loss of physical capabilities.

There is, however, hope for those suffering from whiplash, in that the legal system provides accident victims the right to pursue financial compensation from those responsible for their losses. It may be possible for the injured to receive payment for lost income, medical bills, rehabilitation costs, pain, suffering, emotional distress and more.

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Given their unpredictable nature, whiplash injuries can be incredibly exasperating as well as debilitating for those who sustain them. The seriousness of this type of harm must never be underestimated and victims must not hesitate to assert their right to receive compensation from responsible parties.

The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal is prepared to assist whiplash injury sufferers in pursuing monetary recovery from those whose negligence produced their pain. By conducting extensive factual investigations and aligning with a network of medical experts and accident technicians, our team can provide the type of responsive, zealous legal advocacy you and your family deserve. To discuss the specific facts of your whiplash injury case, contact us at 303-825-2223.

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