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One area of the body that a person can easily injure is the elbow. Elbow injuries can stem from a variety of circumstances. Serious injuries to the elbow can be very painful and may require immediate medical attention in order to ensure proper recovery. Despite the proper recovery, long-term mobility issues may transpire later in a person’s life.

Situations That Lead to Elbow Injuries

A person can injure an elbow in a number of ways. Some of the following situations can contribute to a serious elbow injury:

  • Vehicle Accidents: When a person is involved in a vehicle accident, the impact can cause damage to an elbow. For instance, if a person strikes the elbow or if the person is thrown from the vehicle, elbow dislocation or broken bones may result.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents: When a person slips and falls, he or she may use different parts of the body to shield him or herself from the impact of the fall. Landing on an elbow is not uncommon for a slip and fall accident.
  • Sports Injuries: When a person participates in sports, he or she could sustain complicated injuries, including an injury to an elbow, that requires dedicated attention.

Types of Elbow Injuries

There are a number of ways that a person may injure an elbow. These injuries can range from mild to severe, and in some cases, they have the potential to harm a person’s ability to use their arm. Common elbow injuries can include:

  • Torn Ligament: A torn ligament is a tear in the fiber that connects bones to one another. These injuries are often very painful and can limit a person’s ability to bend the arm at the elbow joint.
  • Sprain: A sprain occurs when a person over-exerts the muscles and ligaments that hold the elbow together. These injuries are very painful and often have a long period of recovery time.
  • Broken Bone: Trauma and strong impacts can break the bones of an elbow. Broken bones are painful injuries with lengthy recovery times and may require additional treatment.
  • Dislocation: When a person injures an elbow, elbow joint dislocation is also common. This experience can be painful and often requires rapid medical attention in order to ensure proper recovery.
  • Bruising: Severe impacts and trauma can result in bruising around the elbow. Severe bruising around the elbow can be very painful and may limit a person’s use of the arm.

Injuries to a person’s elbow can be very painful and result in several trips to the doctor to ensure proper recovery and to limit any complications. Contact the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal today.

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