What To Do After an Auto Accident in Colorado

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Having a clear understanding of precisely what should be done following an auto accident can make a pivotal difference in a victim’s ability to secure compensation for the losses sustained. While it is common for those involved in serious accidents to feel confused and overwhelmed, having the presence of mind to take a few key steps designed to preserve crucial evidence and amass documentation is extraordinarily important in terms of the ultimate outcome achievable. At the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal, our Denver car accident lawyers understand how chaotic and difficult the immediate aftermath of a crash can be, and we stand ready to offer comprehensive client service, investigative services and legal guidance at each stage of the claims negotiation and/or litigation process.

Critical Nature of Post-Accident Procedures

There is little room for debate concerning the life-altering effects auto accidents in Colorado routinely have on those involved in them. Thus, it is incumbent upon all motorists to familiarize themselves with the things they must do in the moments, hours, weeks and even months following a crash so that their chances of obtaining fair compensation for injuries can be maximized. When it comes to collecting and maintaining persuasive evidence after a crash, time truly is of the essence. Some of the most important things an accident victim can do following an accident as a means of bolstering their case include:

  • making contact with law enforcement right away so that a comprehensive police report can be generated and filed
  • preventing involved vehicles from being moved until authorized by police in order to allow for accurate assessment of impact points and road conditions
  • snapping photographs of the scene, particularly if vehicles must be moved in order to reduce hazards to other motorists
  • speaking to any and all available eyewitnesses so that real-time reactions and contact information from bystanders and others can be documented
  • gathering key information from involved drivers, including the names of insurance carriers, policy numbers, addresses and telephone numbers
  • taking pains to avoid making any oral admissions of guilt or responsibility, as these can be used by insurance adjusters to limit or deny claims
  • putting pen to paper to write down immediate reactions, medical symptoms and key details of the accident
  • seeking necessary medical treatment, heeding all physician instructions, taking all prescribed medications as directed and following up with all recommended therapy or rehabilitation protocols
  • maintaining detailed logs of work hours missed, wage rates, tip records and the like in order to support subsequent damage valuation claims
  • declining requests from an at-fault driver’s insurance carrier to discuss settlement numbers, at least until an attorney is consulted

Typical Causes of Colorado Car Crashes

There is a seemingly endless list of possible causes for auto accidents in Colorado, but several familiar fact patterns seem to be replayed across the state more often than others. Common factors involved in collisions include:

  • traveling in excess of posted speed limits
  • failing to leave sufficient space between vehicles/tailgating
  • distracted driving/texting while driving
  • driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • ill-advised or illegal turns
  • excessive driver fatigue
  • improperly maintained vehicles
  • dangerous roadway conditions

Attorney Jeremy Rosenthal appreciates how diverse and complex the fact patterns involved in auto accidents can truly be and understands that a customized approach is required in each client’s case. By engaging in an exhaustive investigation of what occurred, he has the ability to marshal vital evidence and construct the sorts of arguments required to secure the most advantageous outcome possible.

Solid Evidence Facilitates Optimal Recovery

As mentioned above, the potential causes of Colorado car accidents are limitless, and sadly, so are the categories of injury and loss regularly sustained by victims. Because car crashes have the ability to produce long-term disability, ongoing medical challenges and sometimes even death, it is essential that victims take all possible measures to aid in their attorney’s ability to gather, maintain and utilize documentary and other evidence to its most powerful effect.

By employing facts and details assembled from the very moments following a collision, it is often possible for injury victims and those left behind in cases of fatality to secure substantial compensation, which can potentially include payment for:

  • current, past and future medical bills
  • costs of emergency transport and hospitalization
  • physical pain
  • emotional trauma
  • permanent disfigurement
  • accessibility modifications to personal residences
  • therapy and rehabilitation expenses
  • loss of marital relationships
  • lost wages
  • reduction in earning potential
  • dependents’ loss of financial and emotional support

While these and other categories of compensation can be obtained by successful auto accident claimants, the chances of that happening are often only as strong as the evidence available to be presented to claims adjusters and/or juries. That is why the knowledge and skills of a seasoned personal injury attorney regularly prove invaluable to the tasks of marshaling the facts, building a case and developing the arguments that carry the day.

Vigilant Advocacy Across Colorado

Anyone who has suffered injuries in a car accident will undoubtedly agree that the time immediately following such an event will be fraught with discomfort, uncertainty and an intense desire to obtain swift accountability from those responsible. By taking some or all of the recommended steps described above, accident victims can play an indispensable role in charting their own path to recovery.

With an intense commitment to standing up for the rights of victims across Colorado, attorney Jeremy Rosenthal is prepared to do battle with insurance companies determined to settle claims for as little as possible. Each client’s losses will be fully examined and accurately valued, with the ultimate goal of securing the compensation so central to the healing process.

Because the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal accepts personal injury matters on a contingency basis, clients pay no legal fees unless and until a financial award is achieved on their behalf. There truly is nothing to lose and everything to gain by scheduling an initial consultation. To learn more about our approach and to discuss the facts of your case, contact us at 303.825.2223.

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