Will I Have to File a Lawsuit After a Car Accident in Colorado

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Many things are certain to run through the head of any auto accident victim in the hours, days and weeks after the event itself. Such individuals may begin to wonder how much work they will miss while recovering from their injuries. Concerns may also arise with regard to the staggering medical bills that begin to mount. Thoughts may, at least for the short-term, be almost totally trained upon the physical pain and suffering they are experiencing. Once the dust begins to settle, however, those seriously harmed in a vehicle crash are likely to start contemplating whether a lawsuit will be necessary in order to secure the full amount of financial compensation to which they are entitled. Denver accident attorney Jeremy Rosenthal understands the challenges these and other issues can pose and is ready to help assess each client’s circumstances and provide the insights required for sound decision making.

Negotiation and Settlement of Claims

It is important for auto accident victims to realize that the lion’s share of all personal injury matters of this nature is settled with insurance carriers well before litigation has a chance to rear its head. Resolution of claims in this way provides a number of key advantages, and it makes good sense for injured parties to give careful consideration to the benefits of reaching an early settlement. Achieving mutual agreement with an insurance company provides victims with the ability to receive compensation more swiftly than would otherwise be possible, prevents the inconvenience of depositions, hearings, and trial proceedings and also eliminates the risk inherent in allowing a judge or jury to dictate the outcome of a case.

When Settlement Proves Elusive

Though it is certainly true that in many auto accident cases, an experienced injury attorney can marshal the evidence and arguments necessary to secure a fair settlement from an insurance carrier, there are times in which compromise proves impossible. An insurance adjuster who is determined to minimize or deny a claim may render traditional negotiations utterly futile, a circumstance which necessitates the initiation of a lawsuit. Victims must not allow carriers to deprive them of the resources they need and deserve, and in some instances, litigation is the only way to stop that from happening.

Choosing to Pursue Litigation

If claim settlement negotiations bear little fruit or if the injustice present in a given case is particularly egregious, it may be in a victim’s best interest to pursue litigation in order to obtain a damage award commensurate in scope to the actual harm sustained. Though the legal process is often arduous, protracted and fraught with hurdles, those injured by the negligence of others may be able to achieve a real sense of vindication as well as substantial financial recovery by seeking justice through the courts.

Aggressive Representation of Accident Victims in Colorado

Because every auto accident is factually distinct and involves a number of circumstances unique to the parties involved, there is no standard answer to the question of whether a lawsuit will be necessary in order to produce a truly fair result. Attorney Jeremy Rosenthal will conduct a thorough investigation of each client’s situation to determine the most viable route to recovery in his or her particular case. However, the time to pursue a claim is not unlimited, and the sooner a review can be completed, the more quickly a strategy can begin to take shape. To learn more about how our firm can assist following your accident event, contact us at 303.825.2223.

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