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Vicarious Accident Liability in the Joint Venture Doctrine

A Colorado Court of Appeals case (2015COA129) involved a unique situation for assigning auto accident liability based on a doctrine of a joint venture. The Plaintiff, American Family Mutual, charges that Go Courtesy Ford (GCF) should be liable for injuries in a car accident. Kristin Hart visited GCF’s dealership considering a vehicle purchase. Hart and a salesperson went for a test drive, and the salesperson rode as the passenger and directed her route. Suddenly, Hart negligently turned and collided with
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What is the Financial Liability of a Negligent Motorist?

According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association (RMIIA) approximately 16% of Colorado motorists are operating their vehicles without the state mandated auto liability insurance coverage. In comparison, the national average is approximately 12% in the US. The state has continually heightened efforts to improve means of communication between auto insurance providers and the state authorities responsible for enforcement. State Legislative Declaration In C.R.S. 42-7-102 the general assembly addressed the “human suffering, loss of life, limb and property” brought about
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