Truck Accident

What are the Top 3 Causes of Truck Collisions with Passenger Vehicles?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that 3,986 lives were lost in 2016 stemming from commercial truck accidents. Roughly 66% were passenger vehicle occupants, 17% were occupants of trucks, and approximately 16% were on motorcycles, bicycles, or walking. One reason that these accidents are particularly dangerous is that commercial trucks or tractor-trailers can often weigh between 10,000 and 26,000 pounds. The majority of causes that lead to collisions between these trucks and passenger cars are classified as errors in driver recognition
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3 Types of Impacts in Car Accidents

This is the first segment of a five-part series titled Anatomy of a Car Crash. The series will expand on several key topics that were recently addressed in our white paper Common Auto Accident Injuries in Colorado, which we invite you to read at this link. In this initial part, we discuss the three types of impact that occurs in a single crash. Impact is defined as an instance when something is struck with force. The three types of impact that occur (in succession) are
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