Monthly Archives: November 2014

Driver Distraction on the Rise

The American Automobile Association commissioned a study at the University of Utah concerning the level of driver distraction presented by voice-controlled technology in new cars, according to NPR. The study concluded that many of the new voice-controlled technologies more distracting than talking on the phone. Notably, voice-to-text technology which allows the driver to send and receive email without using his or her hands, was determined to create what the researchers described as inattention blindness. The activity cognitively impaired drivers to
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What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Dealing with a car accident is difficult enough. And when it’s paired with a driver that is under the influence, it is even more heart wrenching and complicated. If something happens due to the negligence of someone else, one of the hardest parts is coming to terms with the fact that you had no control over the situation. Drivers that are under the influence are the number one cause of catastrophic injuries in car accidents across the United States. What’s
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