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Hit By a Car

Hit By a Car While Drunk: Who Is at Fault?

Walking while drunk is safer than driving under the influence for others – but perhaps not for the intoxicated pedestrian. Walking while drunk in Denver could contribute to accidents such as serious pedestrian collisions. If a driver struck you while walking drunk, liability might not be as clear as if you had been sober. The driver may be able to use your intoxication as a defense. Learn Colorado’s negligence laws to better understand your rights during an injury claim. Contributory
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Driver vs. Company Liability

Driver vs. Company Liability in Commercial Truck Accidents

Commercial trucking accidents differ from typical car accidents in that they involve trucking companies rather than drivers alone. Federal laws hold trucking companies responsible for most collisions involving their trucks and drivers, even if the company leases the truck and uses independent contractors. Differentiating between truck driver and company liability after a Denver truck accident lawyer can help victims obtain compensation from the correct at-fault party or parties. Vicarious Liability for Truck Driver Conduct In terms of responsibility for employees,
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