Colorado Pedestrian Accident Laws

Average Pedestrian Accident Settlement

Average Pedestrian Accident Settlement in Denver, CO (2024)

If you or a family member recently sustained injuries in a pedestrian accident, it is natural to wonder about how you can prove liability and what the average pedestrian accident settlement in Denver could be. However, the reality is that every civil claim for damages filed is unique, and every injured plaintiff will face different challenges and opportunities as they seek compensation for their damages. What Is the Average Pedestrian Accident Settlement in Denver? The average pedestrian accident settlement in
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What Happens If You

What Happens If You Hit a Pedestrian Jaywalking in Colorado?

Pedestrians are typically able to navigate busy areas safely and reach their destinations without issue. Unfortunately, some are struck by negligent motorists and suffer extreme injuries. It is also possible for a pedestrian to cause an accident by jaywalking. This term defines crossing a street illegally on foot. For example, if a person crosses the street outside of the crosswalk or if they cross at the crosswalk before the indicator shows it is safe to do so, both of these
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Hit By a Car

Hit By a Car While Drunk: Who Is at Fault?

Walking while drunk is safer than driving under the influence for others – but perhaps not for the intoxicated pedestrian. Walking while drunk in Denver could contribute to accidents such as serious pedestrian collisions. If a driver struck you while walking drunk, liability might not be as clear as if you had been sober. The driver may be able to use your intoxication as a defense. Learn Colorado’s negligence laws to better understand your rights during an injury claim. Contributory
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What’s Colorado Doing to

What’s Colorado Doing to Make Intersections Safer for Drivers, Bicyclists, and Pedestrians?

Intersections are points of confluence for motor vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. At these junctions, there are more factors that can lead to collisions than at most points across the transportation network. In the U.S., intersections are the site of approximately 25% of roadway fatalities and roughly 50% of injuries. In this segment, we will look at various specific safety measures that agencies in Colorado are taking and also some of what the Federal Highway Administration is referring to as “innovative
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Pedestrians & Bicyclists Are

Pedestrians & Bicyclists Are Most Vulnerable Intersection Users

Pedestrians and bicyclists both have substantial vulnerability when encountering motor vehicles on the roadways and must remember to exercise caution. At intersections, most of these collisions occur when motorists or bicycles are turning or when pedestrians are crossing. Local governments are pursuing strategies to heighten intersection safety through better design, implementation of signs and devices to control traffic, and greater educational awareness. The reality is that safety in these situations is best achieved through a comprehensive approach that combines all of
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Can Allograft Transplants Make

Can Allograft Transplants Make All the Difference to Your Personal Injury?

This is the third part of our series about recent medical advances that are being developed and tested to aid in recovery from serious personal injuries, like those often occurring in motor vehicle accidents. Allograft implants involve transplanting tissue grafts — e.g., organs, bones, cartilage, and tendons — from one human to another. A graft is a piece of living tissue separated from its original location and moved to a location where it is supported by another source of blood. Allografts involve donors
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Bicyclist Collisions On the

Bicyclist Collisions On the Rise Reinforces Disturbing Trend in Colorado

On June 8, a collision between a bicyclist and a Toyota SUV led to a 52-year old cyclist’s death along South Wadsworth Rd in Littleton. According to the responding CO State Trooper, two cyclists were traveling along the edge of the roadway when the one cyclist abruptly veered in front of the approaching vehicle and was fatally injured. The roadway was closed down for several hours afterward; no one has yet been charged in the accident. Colorado Roadway Fatalities Rising
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Denver Implementing New Crosswalk

Denver Implementing New Crosswalk Signal Systems in Response to Surge in Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities

Auto accident-related deaths of pedestrians are rising more rapidly than fatalities among motorists, approaching 6,000 annually. As a part of fatalities from 2016 crashes, approximately 15% are among pedestrians compared to 11% from 2015. Experts attribute this trend to lower fuel prices and more people walking for exercise and environmental purposes. The largest contributor may be that both drivers and walkers are simply distracted by usage of mobile devices, but this cause it rarely documented and goes unreported. Denver is
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