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How Your Smartphone Can Be An Extremely Useful Tool Following A Car Accident

Pretty much everyone of driving age these days has some form of a smartphone. With these devices, we can surf the internet, check our email and use GPS to navigate around town in addition to sending text messages and making phone calls. But what you may not have guessed is that your smartphone has all the tools you need for documenting important information and gathering evidence at the scene following your accident. After a car accident, your vehicle may very
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What Is Emotional Distress and 5 Methods To Help Prove Your Claim

Proving emotional distress is very difficult. Unlike flesh wounds and broken bones, there is no diagnostic blood test or x-ray that can measure the emotional distress you have suffered. Rather, emotional distress is predominantly a psychological injury. Though there is no question that the suffering inflicted by emotional distress can be severe, you may have a difficult time demonstrating to a jury that you are entitled to financial compensation for your psychological struggles brought on by emotional distress. Though you
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