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How Wearing Seat Belts Impacts Auto Accident Liability & Negligence

The Colorado State Patrol claims that there is a 82.9% seat belt compliance rate. The state’s law requires that both front seat occupants of a motor vehicle wear their seat belt. It is no secret that seat belts can save lives in auto accidents. How does failure to wear a seat belt affect Colorado civil cases involving negligence and liability in auto accident injuries? Colorado Court of Appeals Case Defendant Jon Staples appealed a ruling for Plaintiffs Lilli and Leon
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How is a Reasonable Award for Exemplary Damages Determined?

In civil cases, the plaintiff can be awarded compensatory or actual damages such as hospital bills, medical equipment, and property damages. Exemplary or punitive damages may be awarded by the court also; however, these may only be pursued when the defendant’s actions are purposefully done. Exemplary damages must stem from the defendant’s intent based on fraud, willful or wanton conduct, or malice. Assuming that this burden of proof has been met, how do jurors determine a dollar amount to award
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