Monthly Archives: January 2017

Drivers Having Sudden Drug Overdoses Becoming a Roadway Safety Concern

A new disturbing trend is emerging that poses a threat to both other vehicles and pedestrians on and near our roads. As the U.S continues coping with the “opioid epidemic”, law enforcement personnel has encountered accidents where the driver has “overdosed” while behind the wheel. A report out of Virginia says all U.S. states are encountering the problems associated with abuse of heroin and pharmaceuticals for pain treatment. They estimate the number of individuals with an addiction to pain medication
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What is the Difference Between a Motion for Dismissal & Motion for Summary Judgement?

As part of the procedure in civil cases, both parties have the capability of making requests for court consideration. Motions are formal requests submitted to a judge to serve a variety of purposes. Examples include requests to continue (postpone) the proceedings, that an existing court order be modified, for case dismissal, and many others. The majority of these requests must be done in writing, unless during a hearing or trial, and notice is provided to the opposing party and/or their
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