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How Can Road Rage Influence Your Claim?

Sharing the road with other motorists is not always easy. Every day, thousands of drivers in Colorado make mistakes behind the wheel that are bound to irritate and annoy us. For many, the worst way in which these situations end is with an exchange of some, shall we say, “sign language.” However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, drivers on the road completely lose their cool and engage in risky and dangerous behavior. This is what we call road
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What You Need To Know About Colorado’s Dog Bite Laws

Dog ownership is extremely popular and a way of life for many people. However, if your dog bites another person, you may be liable for thousands of dollars in damages. If you own a dog, are considering getting one or have been injured by a dog bite, here’s what you need to know about Colorado’s dog bite law(s). Colorado Dog Bite Law While the majority of states either use a “strict liability” or “negligence” rule in dog bite cases, Colorado
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