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How Does Failing to Yield Right of Way Increase Your Chance of Accident?

Drivers who fail to yield or observe laws relating to rights-of-way is a problem on the roads. Much of the reason why these violations occur is that drivers do not recall rules related to yielding. The traffic laws generally do not define who has the right-of-way, rather they explain who must yield based on a variety of possible circumstances. Data across all U.S. states show that failure to yield the right of way are a cause of accidents. The Colorado State Patrol
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Colorado Lane Laws

Colorado has problems with traffic fatalities, with 545 in 2015, which represented a 10% rise over 488 in 2014. 2015 was also the all-time high for motorcycle fatalities within Colorado, with a total of 104. With 3.8 million estimated drivers in Colorado, the chances of a fatality are roughly 1 in 7,000. A recent study showed that lane violations are the cause in 8.4% of overall accidents, and yearly over 400 injuries or deaths typically occur. Colorado State Patrol (CSP) Trooper Paul
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