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Can Allograft Transplants Make

Can Allograft Transplants Make All the Difference to Your Personal Injury?

This is the third part of our series about recent medical advances that are being developed and tested to aid in recovery from serious personal injuries, like those often occurring in motor vehicle accidents. Allograft implants involve transplanting tissue grafts — e.g., organs, bones, cartilage, and tendons — from one human to another. A graft is a piece of living tissue separated from its original location and moved to a location where it is supported by another source of blood. Allografts involve donors
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Is Stem Cell Therapy

Is Stem Cell Therapy Viable for Treating Your Personal Injury?

This is the second of our three-part series about emerging medical advancements that may aid recovery for those who have incurred personal injuries. Stem cells have the capability of continuously regenerating and developing into other types of cells that are found within the body. They are able to divide and repair tissues within the bodies of humans and animals. Stem cells are also able to be created in laboratories. Stem cell therapy, which is a form of regenerative medicine, is
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How Can Platelet Rich

How Can Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment Be Used to Treat Your Injury?

We are beginning a three-part series discussing advancements in the treatment and recovery for personal injury victims like those with auto accident injuries. The three treatments to be discussed in this series are in various phases of development, including clinical trials, awaiting FDA approval, usage as a “last resort,” or still emerging as a viable alternative among medical professionals and health insurers. The first treatment to be discussed in this series is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections. PRP injections are demonstrating effectiveness
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What is the Difference

What is the Difference Between an Independent and Compulsory Medical Exam?

Injury suits may have large financial ramifications and defendants certainly will pursue all available information. The discovery process entitles parties to access reasonably obtainable and relevant material. This may include records containing medical, financial, or employment information. Sometimes the physical or mental health of a party is questioned in a case and the opposing counsel may request (by motion) that the court order an independent medical examination (IME). This examination is conducted by an independent physician who will compile into one report
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What Questions Are Asked

What Questions Are Asked at Your Personal Injury Deposition?

A deposition, such as in an automobile accident case, is a formal process where you will be questioned by the opposing party’s legal counsel to gather potential evidence for the case. Depositions occur prior to trial and the venue is typically a conference room at one of the attorney’s offices or possibly at the office of the party to be deposed. Testimony in a deposition is conducted under oath and is transcribed by a court reporter or otherwise documented, and it may
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What Impact Does a

What Impact Does a T-Bone Car Accident Have?

This is the third of our five-part series called Anatomy of a Car Crash. We will more thoroughly discuss a topic from our recently posted white paper titled Common Auto Accident Injuries in Colorado. Side-impact accidents are those where the front of a vehicle collides into the side of another. Other common terms used to describe this type of accident include angle or lateral impact, a T-bone, or broadside collision. These kinds of collisions are often likely to result in catastrophic injuries or death.
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What Impact Does a

What Impact Does a Rear-End Car Accident Have?

This is the second segment of our five-part series called Anatomy of a Car Crash. Here, we will focus on the dangerous impact involved in rear-end accidents, which is when one vehicle strikes another from the rear. These are among the most commonly occurring types of vehicle collisions. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that rear-end accidents compose approximately 23% of all occurrences, leading to substantial occupant injuries and property damage. They tend to occur during the day and the car that
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3 Types of Impacts

3 Types of Impacts in Car Accidents

This is the first segment of a five-part series titled Anatomy of a Car Crash. The series will expand on several key topics that were recently addressed in our white paper Common Auto Accident Injuries in Colorado, which we invite you to read at this link. In this initial part, we discuss the three types of impact that occurs in a single crash. Impact is defined as an instance when something is struck with force. The three types of impact that occur (in succession) are
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Was Faulty Road Design

Was Faulty Road Design a Reason for Your Accident?

Those on U.S. roadways as a motorist, bicyclist, or pedestrian are more likely to be killed in a traffic accident than from a fire, drowning, stroke, diabetes, or skiing. In Colorado, the number of traffic fatalities rose to over 600 in 2016 and in Denver the number of roadway deaths has increased each year since 2005. Shailen Bhatt, the executive director of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), says that the death toll is “not acceptable.” Motorists may underestimate the importance
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Is My Case Worth

Is My Case Worth Suing the At-Fault Party in Court?

A commonly asked question relates to whether pursuing a civil action for injuries in court is advisable. In making this determination, you must look at the many variables, facts, and unique circumstances that are potentially involved. In situations where someone is an injury victim, the goal is to secure compensation that is sufficient for the damages incurred. The vast majority of accident claims are settled as a result of negotiation before entering the courtroom. When such negotiation is conducted by seasoned Denver
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Make Your Car Safe

Make Your Car Safe with Relatively Inexpensive Add-Ons

Across the U.S. in 2017 there were 40,100 motor vehicle fatalities, which is just short of the 2016 total of 40,327. Approximately 4.57 million people suffered a serious injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident. Over the last twenty years, we have seen many significant safety features that have become standard equipment in vehicles including airbags, anti-lock brakes, and electronic stability control. The market today has many relatively inexpensive products that are available to add to your overall safety. Dash Cameras
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How Do Colorado Drivers

How Do Colorado Drivers Compare with the Rest of the Country Among Snowy Conditions?

According to Fox31 News, it appears that we are likely in for roughly another six weeks or so of snow, which is good news for skiers. It does remind us, however, that wintry weather conditions will continue to create potentially dangerous roadway conditions, particularly in the mountainous regions. Amy Ford, of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), says the agency is working hard to maintain the roads amid often challenging weather events. In the meantime, here are a few weather related
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