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What to do if you’re the Passenger in a Car Accident?

When you get into a car as a passenger, you are entrusting your life to the driver, and to the decision-making skills of every other person on the road. Experiencing a car or truck accident as a passenger can be even more scary, in some ways, than experiencing one as a driver, because you have no control and are vulnerable to every danger without the power to respond. Fortunately, if you have been injured as a passenger in a vehicle,
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What Does it Mean to Settle a Personal Injury Claim Case in Colorado?

Personal injury suits can result in outcomes including settlement, trial, dismissal, and appeal. The ALM Legal Dictionary defines the process of settling a lawsuit as resolving the matter without a court judgment through negotiation among the parties. This is achieved through discussions involving the attorneys, insurance company adjusters, and encouragement from the court. The majority of injury cases are resolved before trial in some form of settlement. A settlement is essentially a compromise where both sides make some concessions. A lawsuit is
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