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Three Pedestrian Holiday Accident in Denver Highlights Pedestrian Traffic Safety Concerns

Over Thanksgiving an accident occurred in Denver’s 16th Street Mall area. At approximately 2:30 p.m., a driver was exiting a parking garage area and passed through a gate and struck three pedestrians. John White, on behalf of the Denver Police Department, said there was no drug or alcohol usage involved. Investigators said that the injuries incurred were not life-threatening. The 16th Street Mall district is an extremely popular area that offers free shuttle bus rides, has horse-drawn carriages and pedi-cabs. There are
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6 Safety Tips for Holiday Decorating

In decorating your home for the holidays all of the fun can lead to simply losing focus on at-home safety concerns. In the last two months of last year, almost 14,000 individuals arrived at hospitals that resulted from decoration-related accident injuries. The nature of the injuries varied from situations of slip-and-fall, severe cuts, burns and a host of others. The leading advocate in the U.S. for prevention of these incidents has long been the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). 1. Candles Candles
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