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What Do I Do if the At-Fault Party is Under-or Uninsured?

The Insurance Research Council tracks uninsured motorist claims filed with auto insurance companies. Their recent data suggests that approximately 16.2% of Colorado motorists are uninsured, which is higher than the national average of 12.6%. The state does require that all motorists have vehicle liability insurance of certain minimum levels. Residents are required to present documentation showing insurance coverage for vehicle registration and may impose penalties for driving without coverage. For reasons unknown, the state ranks in the top-ten in this
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Am I the Victim of a Car Crash Scam?

Here, we look at accidents that are part of scams orchestrated by criminals. Most citizens are honest and hardworking members of society; however, there is a criminal element that seeks to take advantage of aspects of accidents and insurance. Actions classified as fraud, such as the auto accident scams we will discuss, are among the most common financially-based crimes in the country. Organized Criminal Activity Certain regions of the United States have particularly high rates of such activity. In Colorado
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