Bicycle Accident

What’s Colorado Doing to Make Intersections Safer for Drivers, Bicyclists, and Pedestrians?

Intersections are points of confluence for motor vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. At these junctions, there are more factors that can lead to collisions than at most points across the transportation network. In the U.S., intersections are the site of approximately 25% of roadway fatalities and roughly 50% of injuries. In this segment, we will look at various specific safety measures that agencies in Colorado are taking and also some of what the Federal Highway Administration is referring to as “innovative
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Pedestrians & Bicyclists Are Most Vulnerable Intersection Users

Pedestrians and bicyclists both have substantial vulnerability when encountering motor vehicles on the roadways and must remember to exercise caution. At intersections, most of these collisions occur when motorists or bicycles are turning or when pedestrians are crossing. Local governments are pursuing strategies to heighten intersection safety through better design, implementation of signs and devices to control traffic, and greater educational awareness. The reality is that safety in these situations is best achieved through a comprehensive approach that combines all of
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