Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Colorado (2024)

Most Common Causes of

Truck accidents are some of the most dangerous and destructive collisions, given the size disparity between trucks and other vehicles on the roads. It’s important to understand what causes truck accidents, as this can be useful in identifying liable parties. A Denver truck accident lawyer can investigate your accident in order to understand its cause in service of seeking fair compensation on your behalf.

What Causes Truck Accidents?

There are many more potential causes of truck accidents than other accidents that occur on the road. This is because truck accidents have a number of potential causes related to the freight and shipping process, in addition to the same potential causes of car accidents.

Trucking operations are complex, and it can often be challenging to understand exactly what factors caused or contributed to a truck accident. Some of the more common causes include:

  • Truck driver error. The causes of most truck accidents involve fault on the part of a driver, including driver error or violations of traffic laws. Issues like speeding, reckless driving, distracted driving, and other traffic violations are potential causes of truck accidents.
    In addition, truck drivers are subject to specific regulations regarding the amount of time that is spent driving compared with the amount of rest they’re allowed. Violating these regulations could also be considered the cause of an accident due to fatigue.
  • Other drivers. Sometimes, a truck may be involved in an accident without causing it. For instance, another driver may cause a collision with a truck and other vehicles. It’s also possible for a driver to cause a collision amongst others as they try to avoid another driver’s erratic maneuvers.
  • Company policies and expectations. Some truck drivers may feel pressured into riskier driving by company policies or expectations that are unreasonable regarding issues like delivery times. It may be possible to hold trucking companies liable for damages in such an instance.
  • Issues with freight. Freight can cause complex issues within a trucking operation. It must be identified, labeled, packaged, and loaded correctly, or else there could be problems that increase the risk and impact of an accident.
    In particular, it’s crucial that freight be loaded onto the truck properly in a way that doesn’t create an imbalance or top-heaviness. Improperly loaded freight could significantly increase the risk of a jackknife or rollover accident.
  • Road maintenance. It’s not uncommon for problems with roads to trigger accidents. Drivers could collide with or run over improperly addressed hazards. They could also cause a collision by trying to avoid a hazard on the road. Additionally, issues like malfunctioning traffic lights and improper signage on roads could also lead to accidents.
    In most cases, a governmental body is responsible for maintaining road conditions. If their failure to address road hazards caused your accident, you could file a claim against them. However, the statute of limitations is much shorter in these cases, meaning you’ll need to file a claim much more quickly.
  • Problems with parts. If a part malfunctions, was improperly installed, or is defective, it could lead the driver to have a lack of control of the vehicle. If this happens, there may be nothing a driver can do to prevent an accident. The party responsible for the truck’s maintenance could be held responsible for paying your damages in this case.
  • Other third-party issues. Because of the complexities of trucking operations, there are many different parties with some level of involvement in the process, such as maintenance providers. Any of these groups could commit an error of some sort that causes an accident. One of the challenges of seeking liability in a trucking accident can be identifying what party caused the accident.


Q: Are Trucks More Prone to Accidents?

A: Trucks can be more prone to accidents at times because of their size, shape, and difficulty to control. In particular, in less-than-ideal conditions, the weight of the trailer can slide easily and lead to a jackknife accident or a rollover. Fortunately, some of the risks of truck accidents can be mitigated through thorough training and experience for drivers.

Q: Who May Be Liable in a Truck Accident?

A: Liability in a truck accident can often be a complex issue. There are often many different parties involved in trucking operations, and it’s not uncommon for a truck accident to be traced to an issue with multiple parties.

For instance, a driver could be at fault for speeding, and their employer could be at fault for unreasonable delivery expectations, putting pressure on the driver to speed. Anyone involved in operating the truck, keeping the truck operational, or loading freight could potentially be liable for an accident.

Q: When Does a Truck Accident Claim Need to Be Filed?

A: A truck accident claim will usually need to be filed within three years of the accident. However, there may be some variations in the timeline depending on who the liable party is, whether or not the injured party was a minor, and a few other factors. By consulting with a truck accident lawyer, you should be able to better understand the timeline in your situation.

Q: What Kinds of Injuries Do Truck Accidents Cause?

A: Truck accidents can lead to significant and impactful injuries. Those who are fortunate may come away with only moderate bruises, scrapes, cuts, and soft tissue injuries. However, it’s not uncommon for those involved to sustain severe injuries, such as spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries. In some cases, the accident may be fatal.

Seek Compensation With the Help of a Colorado Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents can often have a devastating impact, resulting in costly injuries. The costs incurred by victims are the responsibility of those who caused the accident. Although money can’t truly fix what happened, it’s important that the victims of these accidents receive compensation that covers the financial costs they’ve suffered and acknowledges the psychological impact that they’ve felt.

At the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal, we help victims of truck accidents seek restitution. We understand how to properly identify the liable parties and gather the evidence that we need to prove fault. Whether through settlement or litigation, we are dedicated to fighting for what our clients are owed. Contact us to discuss your truck accident.

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