City of Greeley Settles Third Personal Injury Case This Year in Pedestrian Accident

City of Greeley Settles

The City of Greeley has apparently settled their third personal injury claim so far this year. They have paid out at least $725,000 in these incidents where fault was determined. This week, the city agreed to pay $225,000 to Jerry Hill, a pedestrian who was struck by a recently retired police officer who was driving an unmarked police vehicle. Hill suffered several injuries to the head, shoulders, and knees after being impacted in a crosswalk at 9th Avenue and 10th Street. The driver, Steve Duus, pled guilty to operating at an excessive speed based on the conditions and had fines assessed.

Details of the Collision

Duus was traveling on 10th Street to assist another officer investigating a suspicious vehicle. Duus turned right at 9th Avenue and abruptly collided with Hill, who was walking to jury duty that morning. Although only traveling about 10 miles per hour, Duus was determined to not have the right of way. He further explained that his view was partially obstructed by an interior support post adjacent to the windshield. Hill, who remained conscious, was swiftly treated by medical responders. After initially filing a Citizen Damaged Claim, Hill brought a civil injury suit shortly thereafter. Police Chief Garner says Duus has a long established record for safety, and that police officer accidents involved with pedestrians are uncommon. Garner also said that no special exceptions were given to Duus because he was an officer.

City of Greeley Pedestrian Laws

The Greeley Municipal Code addresses the responsibilities for drivers and pedestrians at crosswalks as follows:

  • In the absence of traffic signals, drivers are to yield to pedestrians crossing at crosswalks when located on the same side of the road as the vehicle, or when pedestrian is approaching closely enough that the potential for a collision exists
  • Pedestrians are not to leave the curb when a vehicle is closely approaching and observe all “walk” and “don’t’ walk” signals when applicable
  • Vehicles are to yield and stop as necessary when a pedestrian is still within the crosswalk attempting to reach the curb

Duty to Exercise Care & Notice of Personal Injury

  • Drivers are to exercise due care in the avoidance of pedestrians on roadways and should sound their horn when necessary
  • Drivers should use proper precautions when approaching children, confused or incapacitated individuals on or adjacent to the roadway
  • Prior to the Municipal Government’s determination of potential liability for injuries, the injured party; or someone on their behalf, must submit to the Clerk’s Office a summary of the event in writing. This notification must be done within 180 days of the incident.

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