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Colorado Springs Car Accident

Car accidents happen every day in the Colorado Springs area from various causes, and it’s important to know both how to avoid these situations whenever possible and what to do after another driver has injured you. Unfortunately, the state has recently seen a statewide trend of increased traffic fatalities over the past few years. It’s vital for every driver in Colorado Springs and throughout the state to know the biggest risks they face on the road.

While no driver can ever accurately predict the actions of others with 100% accuracy, knowing the greatest risks you face on the road can help reduce your risk of experiencing an accident. Attentive, responsible drivers have the least risk of having accidents or at least causing them themselves. When an accident happens because of another driver’s negligence or misconduct behind the wheel, a Colorado Springs car accident lawyer can help hold them accountable and recover compensation for your damages.

Common Causes of Fatal Car Accidents in Colorado Springs

The latest accident data from across the state has identified the leading cause of traffic fatalities throughout the state:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs. This is illegal and one of the most commonly prosecuted crimes in the United States. Any driver who causes an accident because of DUI faces increased penalties, and if they cause a fatal accident, they are likely to face felony prosecution along with a wrongful death suit from the victim’s family.
  • This is one of the most commonly cited contributing factors to the total number of accidents and the number of traffic fatalities throughout the state each year. Speeding reduces the time and distance a driver has to stop or slow down in time to avoid a collision, and accidents that happen at higher speeds are more likely to cause catastrophic or fatal injuries.
  • Distracted driving. Any time a driver isn’t paying full attention to their surroundings, they become an extreme hazard to themselves and others around them. Pedestrians and bicyclists are especially vulnerable to distracted drivers because they are easier to overlook than larger passenger vehicles.

Proving fault is an essential first step in resolving any car accident, whether you were injured and are seeking compensation on your own behalf or pursuing a wrongful death claim on behalf of a family member lost in a fatal crash. According to the Colorado State Patrol (CSP), the number of fatal accidents reported so far in 2024 indicates that the state’s total fatal accident rate for the year is on track to surpass the number recorded in 2022, which was a 40-year high for the state. Knowing the greatest risks you face on the road and doing everything you can to drive responsibly can limit your risk of becoming a statistic.


Q: What Are the Chances of Dying in a Car Accident in Colorado Springs?

A: The Colorado Department of Transportation and various other agencies and organizations gather traffic accident data and regularly publish reports of their findings. While these statistics can provide a general overview of traffic accident trends in the state and provide a benchmark to measure accident rates in subsequent years, they cannot provide a firm percentage chance of the average driver’s risk of dying in a car crash. Drivers should do everything they can to limit their own risk of causing accidents and remain attentive, so they have the greatest chance of avoiding potentially dangerous situations on the road.

Q: How Many People Are Killed Every Year on the Road?

A: The CSP reported more than 740 traffic fatalities in 2022 alone, marking an increase from previous years. Representatives from the CSP have stated that this number may be inaccurate because there are so many fatal accidents throughout the state each year. The CSP reports that almost every fatal crash investigated last year was the result of some type of driver error, meaning almost all fatal accidents are avoidable.

Q: What Are the Most Common Causes of Fatal Car Accidents?

A: Fatal car accidents can happen in many ways, but the most commonly cited causes include intoxicated driving, distracted driving, and speeding. DUI is illegal, and a driver who causes a fatal crash in this manner faces felony prosecution. Distracted driving is incredibly dangerous, and the most common example seen in the Colorado Springs area is cell phone use behind the wheel. Speeding not only increases the chance of an accident happening but also the severity of the resulting damages.

Q: What Happens if a Loved One Dies in a Car Accident in Colorado Springs?

A: If a member of your family died in a fatal crash that someone else caused, this can form the foundation of a wrongful death claim. State law limits eligibility to file a wrongful death claim to the victim’s surviving spouse or children during the first year following the death, followed by the victim’s surviving parents during the second year following the death. A wrongful death suit shares some procedural similarities with a personal injury claim but focuses on the losses sustained by the victim’s family rather than the victim themselves.

Q: Should I Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident in Colorado Springs?

A: If another driver is responsible for injuring you in any type of car accident or if you lost a family member in a fatal car accident in Colorado Springs, working with an experienced attorney offers the greatest chance of successfully holding the at-fault driver accountable. Your attorney can guide you through the auto insurance claim filing process and help construct a civil claim for damages when insurance alone cannot compensate you for your losses.

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