Tips for Preventing Accidents in Colorado’s Road Construction Zones

Tips for Preventing Accidents

As spring turns to summer, the number of roadway construction projects in Colorado is at its peak level. Highway reconstruction and maintenance crews are working to improve our transportation system, and they face potential danger from careless or negligent motorists. It is critically important that drivers pay attention to the signs, signals and other warning indicators when approaching construction areas. The General Contractors of America recently released results of their study revealing that over 40% of contractors had witnessed a collision at a site of construction during 2016. Approximately half of those incidents resulted in an injury, and about 13% led to a fatality. Stephen Sandherr, the organization’s CEO, wants to remind workers and passing motorists to remain alert and exercise caution this summer.

Colorado Work Zone Construction

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has hundreds of projects underway, many of which are specifically geared toward roadway safety. Of the 1,267 construction zone fatalities since 1992, roughly 150 of those occurred in Colorado. The CDOT is taking significant measures to alert passing drivers by using flaggers, lighting, mobile barriers, directional signage, and posted speed limit reductions. The CDOT states that over 80% of those killed in work-site accidents are occupants of passing motor vehicles. The reduced speed limits are intended to allow drivers to have additional time for reaction and limit the severity of any collisions which may occur. Most traffic violations that happen in these construction zones will result in fines that are double of what they would be otherwise.

Key to Prevent Work Zone Accidents

  1. Exercise greater caution in work zones and limit unnecessary distractions
  2. Adhere to the speed limit reductions and directional signs and indicators
  3. Maintain additional space between the car in front of you, as rear-end collisions are the leading cause of work zone collisions
  4. Remain calm and distance yourself from overly aggressive motorists
  5. Always wear your seat belt and have children properly restrained based on the law requirements for their age

CDOT Memorial Program

The CDOT Employee Council initiated the Memorial Program in 1992. Currently, there are 58 employees honored and remembered as part of the memorial. The program provides employee nameplates and ceremonies for families and loved ones of those who have lost their lives while on duty. Every April, there is a designated National Work Zone Awareness Week and that week includes a Remembrance Day tradition.

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