Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Sexual Assault on College

Sexual assault is any variety of sexual contact or conduct that happens which lacks explicit consent by the receiver. Examples include forced intercourse, child molestation, incest, groping, and attempted rape. Someone who submits based on fear is not consenting. These acts of power or control usually are committed by perpetrators that the victim knows. Sexual activity that lacks consent is assault; those heavily intoxicated are at higher risk of being assaulted.

University of Colorado’s Large Study

A study named The Sexual Misconduct Survey at CU was established by experts in various departments along with analysts from the Institutional Research Office of Analytics. All students were invited to contribute, and a $5 survey incentive was available upon completion. The overall response rate was an astounding 41% and included roughly 10,000 undergraduates and 5,000 graduate students. A fairly equal balance of men and women responded and 14% of respondents self-identified as being other than heterosexual. The results for those who experienced misconduct either within or outside of the campus were as follows:

  • 15% experienced sexual assault, which ranges from unwanted touching up to penetration. (28% were women and 6% men)
  • 4% experienced sexual exploitation
  • 18% experienced a form of sexual harassment (28% were women and 9% men)
  • 10% reported abuse by an intimate partner
  • 6% had been victims of stalking (10% women and 3% men)

Colorado State University Safety & Security Plan

At CSU, they have a rather expansive plan for safety. Two transportation-related programs exist. SafeWalk provides an escort for walking between locations on campus during non-daylight hours. RamRide is a student-operated program offering free and nonjudgmental rides from locations within the city on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Their campus security is led by a police department with officers patrolling on foot, bicycles, motorcycle, and marked cars. In addition, the department has a K9 unit and plain-clothed investigation unit. At residence halls, all exterior doors are secure and monitored for closure. All doors in the living spaces are access-controlled, and shared restrooms have a key pin entry requirement.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center Findings

  • One in five women and one in 71 men will be victims of rape.
  • Approximately one in ten women have been raped by intimate partners at some point
  • 80% of rape victims reported knew their attacker
  • Rape is the most costly form of crime, over $150,000 per incident
  • Over 30% of women who are raped as minors, also experience it again as an adult

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