3 Critical Types of Evidence to Have In Your Car Accident Case

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If you have been injured in a car accident due to the negligence of another driver, placing blame on the other person probably seems like a no-brainer. After all, you were at the scene of the accident and experienced what happened directly. For courts, however, determining who is liable in a car accident is more complicated. You must have hard evidence to support your claim before a judge will rule in your favor.

The personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Jeremy Rosenthal have years of experience accumulating the evidence necessary to win our clients' cases. Here are three of the most critical pieces of evidence to have in your car accident case.

Witness Testimony

It is not uncommon that your car accident case will become a “he said,” “she said” battle with the other driver. This is why witness testimony from third parties who were at the scene of the accident is so important. The more witnesses you have who can testify as to what occurred, the easier it will be for a judge or jury to decide your case. This is why it is imperative that you write down the names,phone numbers and addresses of any witnesses who observed your car accident.

Vehicle Damages

In many car accident cases, there may be a lack of physical evidence that was either left or lost from the scene of the accident. However, in order to recover compensation for your damages one piece of evidence will be vital: the evidence of damages to your car. This evidence can demonstrate the location of where your vehicle was struck, how severe the damages are, and may even supply a number of clues as to who (or what) caused your collision. For example, if the other driver argues that they did not hit you, the damages to your car can prove otherwise.

Police Reports

In a court of law, police officers typically have a great deal of reputability as officers of the law. For this reason, police reports will be an important piece of evidence in your case. When officers respond to a car accident, they often take notes on all aspects of the accident scene – such as the names and addresses of drivers and passengers involved in the crash, the location of surrounding vehicles and their license plate numbers. The police may also interview third party witnesses and those involved directly in the collision. Accordingly, the police report of your accident can provide a great illustration of the location of your accident as well as the events that occurred prior to, during and after the collision. For this reason, your police report will be a major piece of evidence in your car accident case.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, you need the help of one of the qualified personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Jeremy Rosenthal. Our lawyers have decades of experience collecting the proper evidence for our clients, and we can help you and your family recover after an accident by working to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact the Law Office of Jeremy Rosenthal today at (303) 825-2223, or visit us online.

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