Are Obese Drivers Greater Fatality Risks in Car Accidents?

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Most people understand that there are certain health risks associated with being heavy. But what about obese people having an increased driving fatality risks? It is common knowledge that Americans are overweight as a whole. However the question is posed, are the safety features in a car only designed for smaller weight individuals and leaving, the now, average sized American unprotected in a car? According to CBS News, a study showed obese (BMI of 30 or above) drivers are suffering higher fatality rates than other drivers. The study was done by BMJ Group's Emergency Medical Journal.

The findings showed that because of the obese driver's additional tissue around their waste, the seat belt is prevented from fitting snugly, and therefore safely. This means that an obese driver's lower body is propelled farther upon impact before a seat belt engages the pelvis.

Since the belt fits correctly at the shoulders this is causing serious harm to overweight individuals in car accidents. Many people are now questioning the safety designs of cars to accommodate obese drivers. The study also revealed that morbidly obese individuals are more likely to drive without a seat belt due to the additional discomfort. This too is a concern for many, seat belts are a big reason for saved lives in car accidents. The Center for Injury Research and Policy is encouraging obese drivers to be aware of the flawed design of a seat belt and to force the belt around ones pelvis.

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Seat belts are an important feature on cars. They are a life saving device that directly correlates to a reduced fatality rate. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, seat belt use was at 82% in 2007. It was also noted that seat belt use among fatally injured occupants was lower at night rather than during the day. On average, it is less likely for someone who is driving at night to use a seat belt. In fact, nighttime use was 18 percentage points lower than daytime belt use. Results indicated that the following are most likely to not wear a seat belt: males, younger occupants, pickup truck occupants and alcohol-impaired drivers. Alcohol-impaired drivers make up more than two-thirds of fatally injured drivers killed at night, and one of the main reasons the fatality rate in their crashes is so high is because 26% of these drivers wore seat belts at night. However, every driver should wear a seat belt.

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