Did Inattentional Blindness Cause My Accident?

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Most people think that the sudden or unusual events in our lives are the events we are the most aware of. This misconception is false. We just find these events remarkable. We remember them. And by human design, we are unaware of any events we don't notice. So the logical conclusion is that we remember the events we take notice of and are unaware or naïve of those we don't.

As it turns out, quite the opposite is true. We are all more inclined to notice the events that are common and usual to us – it's the human condition. So it's no surprise, then, that one of the most common causes of motorist accidents is Inattentional blindness.

Inattentional Blindness?

Inattentional blindness, or “perception blindness,” is the phenomena in which people do not see people or things that are directly in front of our face. Sitting in plain sight, we cannot see them.

When our minds are focused on one thing, we fail to see people or objects that are directly in front of us – this becomes an issue when it comes to tasks like driving.

Inattentional Blindness And Your Accident

For motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists alike – Inattentional blindness can be extremely dangerous. By definition, if our mind is focused on driving, for instance, we are much less likely to observe pedestrians and bicyclists around us. Add car radios, cellular telephones and other distractions (while driving) into account – Inattentional blindness becomes a thing.

So if we are all more likely to observe things that are consistent with our expectations, failure to see a pedestrian or bicyclist while we are driving cars makes sense. Drivers commonly do not expect to see a bicyclist on the highway, but we likely expect to see them in rural areas, and the roads of neighborhoods and big cities. This is why statistics show that the likelihood of bicycle and pedestrian accidents is more likely on major highways where motorists do not expect to see these individuals.

There is a big takeaway here: given the human propensity for Inattentional blindness, be on the lookout for pedestrians, bicyclists and others who might share our roads that we don't typically expect to see!

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