The Danger of Small Dogs

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When most people think of being attacked by a dog, they picture a large breed. Some large breeds have reputations for aggressive behavior, including pitbulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Dobermans. Many homeowners' insurance providers are weary to issue policies to people who own these breeds. Despite the collective fear of many large breed dogs, small dogs can be dangerous too. If you've been bitten by any size dog, contact a Boulder dog bite lawyer to discuss your case.

Large dogs present a bigger threat to people because of their size, but that doesn't mean small dogs can't do any damage. Because of their diminutive size, small dogs are notorious fear biters, often lashing out in aggression when they are afraid. One Animal Control center reports that small dogs “are responsible for as many dog attacks” as big dogs. These attacks tend to be overlooked because they can be minor, but not always.

Small breed dogs often develop serious attachment disorders, where they aggressively “protect” one chosen person in their home, responding with aggression when anyone gets too close to them. Because it's coming from a small dog, many owners brush off that behavior as “cute” instead of dangerous, and never take the time to instill better habits in their pet. This is a mistake. Small dogs may have small mouths, but just one bite in the right location can have serious consequences. Bites from small dogs may lead to permanent scars, disfigurement, nerve damage, a trip to the emergency room or a doctor's visit. Small dogs can transmit diseases like rabies, and if a dog that's bitten you has not received a rabies vaccination, you may need to take prophylactic measures after being bitten.

If you are around an aggressive small dog, don't take the danger for granted. Ask the owner to secure the animal in another location. Don't try to approach or pet a small dog who is displaying signs of distress or aggression, like growling, barking, snapping, or a rigid posture. If you are a small breed owner, take the time to train your dog to have good manners. Don't forget, bad behavior isn't cute just because your dog is.

If you've suffered a serious dog bite from a small or large breed animal, contact apersonal injury attorney to discuss your case. Jeremy Rosenthal specializes in dog bite litigation, and is ready to fight for you to achieve the best possible outcome. Call our offices at 303-825-2223 to schedule your consultation today.

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